My SideBlog - Back from the Grave

I used to have a SideBlog for the Kuwentong Litrato part in my sidebar, but last year when there were talks of it going kaput, I stopped using it. I didn't want to get used to using something then just have it taken away. [Hmmm... I think that statement says a lot about my guiding principles in life :P]

I just noticed that as time passed by, dontpanicitsorganic and sedricke were still using their SideBlog. Cool, that meant SideBlog survived! I just didn't know then, with my previous layout, where or how I was going to use my SideBlog.

And so, with the new layout and everything, I'm resurrecting my SideBlog for Libro, Kanta and Pelikula portions of the sidebar. It's now under one "header" -- Kinagigiliwan. Easier for me, because I don't have to edit the template every time I'm obsessing about a new book, song or film. I just have to post from SideBlog, and voila, Kinagigiliwan is updated!


Yes, I'm getting obsessive about this template/layout thing. I think I still have a few tricks to implement.


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