UltraelectromagneticJam - The Late Review

UltraelectromagneticJamI'm writing/posting this review almost a month after the album was launched. And that's almost a month of me listening and trying to appreciate all the covers done by the artists in the album.

Eventhough there are a few misses in the album, I'll still sum it up with one word: Coolness.

Some of my favorite tracks:

Superproxy2K6 by FrancisM

A reversal of roles: Francis "sings" the lead, while Ely Buendia does the rap part. [And can I just say nakakalaglag-panty pa rin si Ely?] This version sounds harder, edgier, more metal than the earlier one -- or maybe that was just Francis trying to sing? :P Hehe, kidding aside, I heart-very-much this version. It rocked before, and it's still rocking now.

Spoliarium by Imago

I'll admit it, I heard the Imago version first before the Eraserheads version =s So spank me why don't you!?! Haunting, sad and lost -- the essence of the original was beautifully enhanced. One of the most repeated tracks on my CD.

Alcohol by Radioactive Sago Project

One of the cooler tracks on the CD. RSP lends their "narrative" signature to this song and sobrang bagay talaga. I guess when you're drunk you're bound to sing ala RSP. Hehe.

Ang Huling El Bimbo by Rico J. Puno

Can you say perfect match? The mala-maniac song sung by the uber mala-maniac himself. Hearing "Naninigas ang aking katawan" uttered by Rico J gave me the heebie-jeebies - but in a good way because it meant he sung it with feelings. Hehe.


Other notable tracks are Maling Akala by Brownman Revival and Huwag Kang Matakot by Orange and Lemons.

My thoughts on the others: Kitchie Nadal's Ligaya was so-so -- I think it lacked male energy and male lust [malamang, kasi female sya :P]. Overdrive by Barbie Almabis was erm, not something I'd expect from her. Spongecola's Pare Ko was okay -- had the angst and all, but this is a signature Eheads song, so there will be comparisons, and the cover will always sound second-rate. Alapaap by 6 Cycle Mind felt like there was something missing. With a Smile by South Border totally missed the point -- it's a ballad done by a rock band, so they should've gotten a really punk/metal band to cover this song! Paolo Santos on Magasin -- please lang wag na sana maulit!!!!

The Eraserheads songs I wished were part of this tribute album: Kailan, Fine Time, Kamasupra, Sembreak and Yoko. I know, almost all of the songs I mentioned comes from the Cutterpillow album, and yes, it's my favorite album from the band.

Is this album for poser Eheads fans only? I'm no poser -- I genuinely loved their music and their poetry. This album is for reminiscing, remembering my high school and boys and Math homeworks and school fairs and variety shows and trying to learn the guitar by learning the chords of Magasin. And having the adult frame of mind to look back on everything with wistfulness, realizing, "I'm all grown-up".

And, as one reviewer said, after listening to this CD, "you'd wish that the band was together again, at least even for one reunion gig."

Photo from A Gelay Log


  1. Anonymous7:52 PM

    yung overdrive ni barbie, parang music sequence sa isang episode ng home along the riles. hehe.

  2. wow, talagang home along da riles pa talaga ha hehe ;P

  3. cant agree more missyosi... :) niweys i liked the cover of orange and lemons although i wished they have excluded the line from "tikman" which is covered by sugarfree anyway...

    hehe nakikiyosi lang :)