Puede bang itigil mo na ang pag-ikot ng mundo?

Not feeling so Christmas-y lately, even though I did those scrub sets last weekend.

Must be those damn hormones.

It feels sadder, lonelier, emptier during the holidays.

Although I enjoy the shopping, hunting for gifts, doing my d.i.y. projects, I still feel that come Christmas eve, I will be sorely disappointed, and Christmas morning will be spent drying and hiding my tears.

Or maybe it's because I expect too much?

Or maybe the pressure to be happy on Christmas day?

Puede namang hindi masaya pag Pasko diba?

I forgot how it is to be a kid, giggling and excited during Christmas Eve Mass, waiting forever for the Noche Buena, then tearing through our gifts. Christmas was so simple then.

Now I don't have anything to be excited about. If it's anything, I'm kind of dreading the day.

Bah, humbug.

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