...you're so pretty, coz your hair is so kinky (kulot)

-- from Juphel, overall guru and philosopher of our batch

KulotAy oo nga pala, I got my hair permed last weekend.

After deliberating for the longest time where to have my hair curled, I decided on Bench Fix salon because they had relatively cheaper rates (but more expensive than your friendly neighborhood-corner parlor hehe).

The whole process took around 3 1/2 hours, from the initial shampoo to the winding of the hair to the curl processing then a hair spa to soften and moisturize the curls.

Not quite the curls I had in mind, but I'm slowly warming up to it. I just need to have lots of patience when I'm styling it after I take a bath -- if I don't style it, my hair magically transforms into an afro hairdo hehe.

And the reactions of the madlang people! :D I've been given lots of compliments by my officemates, mere acquaintances and complete strangers!

The most unexpected compliment: HBC in Metrowalk. I was buying a generic shampoo for another do-it-yourself project I was undertaking. While I was paying for the shampoo:

Cashier (guy? or maybe badesh?): Ang ganda naman ng hair mo! Kinurling iron mo lang yan?
Me: Ay hindi, perm talaga yan.
Cashier: Ah talaga? Puedeng pahawak?

Hahahahaha! Close tayo?!?!

Well, I did let him touch my hair :P

The next phase of this kulot project would be to find the perfect kulot shampoo, conditioner and styling product. I've been using Pantene Leave-on Conditioner to soften my hair and to create the Goldilocks-curl effect (and to prevent the afro thing going on). I also have the Citre Shine curling gel, but haven't used that one yet. I need an anti-frizzing formula for my kulot hair! The frizzies are worse but not too noticeable anymore because of the kulot-ness of my hair.

Anybody have any suggestions for kulot hair care products? :)

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