The Bad Morning

Gawd, I cannot believe the morning I had.

I'll spare the details, but it involved bread, cellphone load, and taxis.


I was thinking on the way to the office, "If I get my period right now, as in right now that it stains my gray slacks, I am so going home".

Well, I didn't get my period that day. Good thing, because I had a load of work to finish. Filing a leave just because you're having a bad morning -- nuh-uh.

Eventhough I had to come in at 8:40 a.m.

Haaay. It was one of those bad bad bad mornings.


But if you notice, I keep saying/writing that I had a bad morning.

Yup, because I made it a point that the "bad-ness" would only last in the morning.

I just... let everything... go.

I let go.

Took a deep breath.

Thanked God that I didn't get my period yet that day.

Had a nice conversation with my friends.

Had a nice laugh with coffee and cigs.

There were worst things that could've happened that day, and I thank my lucky stars that they were still working overtime, even if my unlucky stars are working their asses off too.

All I had to was let go. :)

And everything turned out fine.

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