One of the Boys

During one sleepy afternoon at work, the pop session suddenly turned to the question of how to answer a kid's query of "What's an erection?"

Somebody answered with this. (Slightly NSFW, teeheehee!)

I would think that the boys would leave me out of the thread, but I was the only girl who remained in the group.


So I replied with this: "Ang liit naman". *insert naughty grin here*

To which R replied: "Haha, naks, well-endowed pala si Daddy Darius".

Ha. No comment :P

And then the other boys started "making" their own versions of this. I couldn't open my pop window without seeing that drawing! It would be quite embarassing to open your pop window with your guy seatmates stealing glances at your monitor and seeing this.

So I made a new message for the boys, and said: "waaaah! tanggalin nyo nako sa thread na'to! everytime binubuksan ko pop ko yan yung nakikita ko!"

P answered: "Ano, eto: *insert picture here*"

J answered: "as if naman hindi ka pa nakakakita nyan mare!"


I answered: "ayoko ng mga drawing nyo noh!"

R replied: "haha, yung may pre-cum ata yung gusto mo eh!"

I think that's when I stopped reading my pop messages. Hehehe.


This was not the first time that I was the "lucky" girl left in a very male-oriented pop conversation. I don't know if it's because I am officially married, therefore officially having sex with my husband, that they can discuss such things with me. Or baka bastusin lang talaga ako. Hehe.


  1. Anonymous11:11 PM

    lemme guess kung cno si R.. not really hard to guess actually.. ehhehe.. pero si P? hmmmm

  2. si R naman kasi ang pinaka-"verbal" sa mga bagay na ganyan eh :P hehe. si P nasa tapat ng office namin. :) si J kilala mo? taga-11th naman sya hehe. ang babait nila noh? :P hihihi.