How to Play Basketball

from a totally clueless girl's point of view!

Aim the ball at the white box on the board.

If you're near the ring, and you're kinda on the side, aim for the corner of the white box on the board. Boarding daw ang tawag don.

Bend your knees! And make that arc with your hand!

Don't guard the other team if your team has the ball. [Aba malay ko ba, nung sinabing bantayan ko si J eh di bantayan ko, di ko nilayuan kahit hawak na ni L yung bola hahaha]

Position yourself where you can make an attempt to shoot the ball. But always remember the 3 (or 5?) second rule -- which is you cannot stay inside for 3 (or 5?) seconds.

When the ball gets passed to you, if you don't know what to do, just pass it on to the next available player.

Travelling - Don't make a step while holding the ball. Just use your pivot foot (that is, your right foot?) to make ikot-ikot to see who you can pass the ball to, if the other team is making bantay.

Double dribble - have no idea yet, but I heard this term from the girls haha.


Methinks I need more aggressive power as I am too shy and unsure on what to do inside the court. I hope I get to play more so I can learn the rules!!! I get too conscious about the rules -- because I don't know a damn thing!

Also need to learn "destroyer" moves, so that during the precious few seconds I get to play for our team, I could hurt somebody from the other team, haha!

Then I get thrown out of the game for the rest of the season, ha!


  1. hehehe. :)

    naalala ko tuloy my basketball days. hayyy.

  2. ahahaha, dribble-dribble.

    * once you stop walking or running at hinawakan mo na yung bola, wag na magdribble ulit. double dribble yun :D

    * wag pupunta sa kung saan nagkukumpulan ang lahat. :D

    * 3 seconds ata yung nasa painted area.

    * enjoy lang. wag masyado isipin yung rules. lalo kang magkakamali. hehe goodluck!

  3. weeeeeh!! excited n ko sa basketball!! ^_^

  4. @basangpanaginip - tagal na ba hindi nag-ba-basketball?

    @kilcher - salamat salamat sa tips! :D

    @abi - star player namin! pagpasensyahan mo ko ha hehe :P