On a Lighter Note


Oh my God, we're going to Puerto Galera this weekend! Eeek, ilang tulog na lang!

To take my mind off my dramatic blues, I've been trying to focus on events that are coming up these coming weeks.

First off, there's basketball practice tomorrow. Oooh, got to learn "da moves" again, as I got so lost and confused during our last game (which we lost, sadness!).

Then, on Wednesday, it's Darice's entrance exam to an all-girls' school in Katipunan (gosh, how hard is that to figure out? :P). I already filed for a leave of absence so I can accompany her -- we have to be there by 7:45 A.M. Nyarks. Ang aga!

Then it's Puerto Galera this weekend, woohoo! Already bought new stuff -- grabe, gusto ko ng mag-impake! Hahahha! Hubby won't be coming with me as he has work, and Darice will sleep over at my parents' house, and it's kinda giving me the heebee-jeebees right now. I hope wala syang gawing kalokohan, and that I just forget all about what happened the past few days, and just leave my paranoia and fear at home, and have a great time at Galera. I'm really looking forward to having a good time with people other than my husband (which I've been so desperate for, for the past couple of weeks, blech!).

Then the Friday after Galera, Drei and I will head over to SM North Edsa to watch UP Samaskom's Live Aids show! Two years ago, before he headed off to Baguio, and I to SZ, we watched Live Aids at the Music Museum and had a grand ole time. And look at us now, working at the same company, with more experience and angst and loneliness and stories than ever before! So looking forward to our "date", Drei! :D [Well, actually, a couple of officemates are going too, so what the heck, group date na lang hahahha!]

And the weekend after that would be my dear friend Trace's wedding!!! Aack, wala pa akong damit and gift! Which really are welcome distractions -- tons of hours can be spent scouring boutiques and gift shops for the perfect dress and wedding gift [Although hubby said maybe we could just recycle -- no way, jose!!!].

Just thinking about all these activities are making me giddy with excitement. Nawawala ng onti yung kaba at takot at lungkot. :) Sana maging okay na'ko -- sana mawala na yung maitim na ulap na nakabalot sakin.

I would love nothing else except for me to be happy. :D


  1. Anonymous11:16 PM

    I wanna go back to puerto!!! huhuhuhu... can't wait for live aids! masaya raw kasi sobra eh.. ehehehe... ingat kayo sa puerto and enjoy.. leave all the problems in manila muna.. ehhehehe

  2. Anonymous7:03 AM

    yup saya ng live aids! :D walang katapusang katatawanan!

  3. sana maging maligaya ang mga susunod na araw mo missy...

  4. Anonymous3:21 PM

    "I would love nothing else except for me to be happy."

    Well said. Don't we all wish for this? Kaya lang happiness is so elusive - and fleeting. That fact makes me sad. :( Sorry, I hope I didn't dampen your spirits. Enjoy your Galera trip!

  5. Anonymous5:44 PM

    wow, sarap naman! inggit ako!!! enjoy. :D

  6. Anonymous10:17 PM

    leenlang: how i wish! :D

    tintin: nope, i'm on a "happiness is a state of mind" mode right now, kaya talagang karir ang pag-iisip ng happy thoughts :D

    karol: thanks thanks! kinikilig na nga ako eh sa excitement!

  7. Anonymous12:14 PM

    tonton, nakaimpake nako! hehe :P

  8. sarap naman ng gallera.. enjoy yourself! :) btw, i like your blog. astig. hehe..

  9. Anonymous7:06 PM

    gipster, salamat sa pagdaan!

  10. ayyy kainggit. namimiss ko tuloy yung iskrambol sa galera. hayyy.

    have fun! :)

  11. oi yey meron na rin akong tickets sa live aids. yebah!

  12. Anonymous8:11 PM

    alpha-femme: ooh, didn't get to try the iskrambol :( pero will do next time! :D

    kilcher: yey, kita-kits sa friday kung ganon ;)

  13. so, masaya pa rin ba ang live aids? hehe. parang ang saya ng saturday show. :((

    ganda pa rin ng underwater pics nyo!!! *inggit*