Perfect strangers when we meet
Strangers on the street
Lovers while we sleep

Smashing Pumpkins - Perfect

That song wrapped around my brain when I found out I was tagged by Gorgeous.


1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their comments saying they've been tagged.

Okay, here goes mine.


Target: Male

Number 1: I'm getting this over and done with -- the "sex" part of my perfect lover. As my lover, we must have great chemistry in bed.

First, he has to be as adventurous as I am. I'm a very curious cat, and up for almost anything, and I don't want my guy cringing when he sees me holding an X-rated DVD, a belt, a scarf and handcuffs. And absolutely no qualms in spanking me ;) Second, it's not all about him. He knows what gives me pleasure, does it, and does it good! Third, he must be vocal. He demands what he wants, tells me what feels good, and lets me know what feels good with a very audible moan/groan. Lastly, he should know when and how to have the quickie, the angry-make-up sex, and sweet slow love-making. Mix it up, surprise me, make it a different experience every time. ;)

Number 2: Of course, for me, being lovers should not only be about sex-filled romps in every fine hotel or seedy motel in the city. We should also have great conversations about anything and everything under the sun.

No monosyllabic replies from my perfect lover -- he has an opinion on almost anything but he says it democratically, with no implications of "my brain is bigger than yours". He's an information sponge and contributes trivia and tidbits along with his witticisms. The best thing about this conversationalist? He lets me have my share of the mic, listens to me and respects my opinions.

Number 3: I want somebody I can drag to movie premiere, a music concert, a quiet read in a coffee shop, a buffet dinner in a fancy hotel, a backpacking trip all over Europe, or a night of dancing in a club. I want my lover to have the same interests as mine.

But the great thing about this is, we'll have different tastes. I can introduce him to the juvenile horrors of Christopher Pike, while he can tell me all about the wonders of Tom Clancy. I'll endure the action movies, while he sits through chick flicks. Our mp3 player will shuffle through teeny bopper songs, R&B acts, rock anthems, and jazz tunes. I'll let him experience the wonders of grilled oysters, kalderetang kambing and century eggs, while he'll introduce me to bulalo, pares and isaw. He'll accompany me in touring museums and old churches in the daylight, while I go with him in discovering the red light district at night. He'll have me dancing trance and house, while I'll have him grooving on R&B and hiphop.

Number 4: He must have a great sense of humor.

There will be toilet humer, corny humor, kiddie humor, adult humor and intelligent humor. There will be times I will cringe, and there will be times I will laugh my ass off. Most importantly, he knows when to make me laugh, and he will use it to his advantage. Right timing, accurate delivery and kick-ass wit -- he'll have me in stitches all the time.

Number 5: I'm still an old-fashioned girl, and I still believe in flowers, chocolates and love letters. So this perfect lover, he must make me swoon and sweep me off my feet.

But hey, I'm not talking about something "bonggacious" every single day. Just a little thoughtfulness and a bit of effort goes a long long way. A little note hidden in my bag, a few text messages with sweet nothings during the day, a random phone call -- it doesn't really take much to sweep me off my feet. Of course I would love to have the whole shebang of flowers and chocolates on very special occassions, but he'll do it because he wants to, not because he's being pressured by the Hallmark holiday. And the surprises! There will be surprises, for anniversaries and birthdays and holidays and wedding proposals (because he'll want to propose marriage to me again and again and again! haha), and for no reason at all. This perfect guy will unabashedly show his affection for me.

And one more thing, this perfect lover will not be selfish with his compliments. Even though I'm having the worst of my bad-hair days, looking bloated as hell, and wearing the rattiest "pambahay" ever, he'll look me in the eyes with all the love and affection and attraction he felt the first time he fell for me, and tell me I'm still the most beautiful girl for him.

[So sue me, I'm a sucker for cheese :P]

Number 6: This may sound like some high-brow New Age shit, but I want my perfect lover to have a spiritual life, rather than just a religious culture.

He should believe in a Higher Power who connects each and everyone of our Souls here in the Universe. Also in karma, in cause and effect, of eventually getting back what you've given to the Universe. And in prayer, of hoping and believing and putting out these thoughts into the world, a fervent wish that the Universe will respond in kind. And in duality -- where there is good, there is evil, where there is happiness, there is sadness, where there is peace, there is war -- and that these dual concepts cannot exist without the other, and cannot be appreciated without the other. And so, with these beliefs, he leads a life of compassion, hope and trust, not because it was dictated by a holy book or by a holy man.

Number 7: Dorothy says in the movie Jerry Maguire: "I love him! I love him for the man he wants to be. And I love him for the man he almost is." Yes, I would love someone who is almost a man, and consciously trying to be one.

This perfect lover tries to be responsible and knows his priorities. He's done with childish pursuits and frivolous relationships. He sacrifices his wants and needs for the greater good. He knows how to be socially accepted without compromising his values. He stands firm in his principles and beliefs. He knows how to apologize and admit his mistakes and promises to do better. And he doesn't break his promises.

Number 8: My perfect lover, he may commit mistakes or may not know what he's doing, but his heart is in the right place. There's no other way I can describe it: deep down inside, he's essentially a good person.

What does this mean? Well, he may be "maloko" or "makulit" but his humor does not have a mean streak -- he's being funny for the sake of being funny, not to hurt other people's feelings. He has this genuine concern for others, and not just for "pakitang tao". He may make naughty jokes, but you know he acts properly in front of other women. And, they say you should look at how a guy treats his mom or sister to see how he'll treat you as his girlfriend/wife. So, eventhough he may have disagreements or arguments with his mom, or he doesn't really get along with his sister/s, but he respects and loves them in his own special way. That's my good guy.


Gosh, I think I'm the only one who answered this with a really long blog post. I've been at this for almost a month already ata.

Doing this meme had me comparing these qualities with those of my husband. And it was a difficult realization -- I just compromised too much. Although he did have some of the qualities mentioned above, he stopped being that man I fell in love with almost 8 years ago! Did he deceive me into thinking that he had those qualities? Am I not seeing those qualities anymore because he's too busy being a father, or because of his night-shift job, or because I'm not worth it anymore?

Oooooooookay, enough analyzing hehe.

I'm tagging the boys: andrei, ramil (nyahahahahah), tonton (weheheh), sherbee, carlo, eugene, michael and paul. I know some of you boys might have a hard time answering this (some of you are real geeks and love being geeks! hahaha) but hey, have fun with this one ;)


  1. pressure!!! hehe. ;)

    you didn't tell me you watched requiem na pala!! asteeg ng parallelisms diba? pati pag curl ng mga characters sa bed same position. my soundtrack ako nun, sobrang galing ng score sobra! :)

    obvious ba isa sa all time fave movie ko un. hehe. :)

  2. Anonymous7:06 PM

    drei, di daw sasagot yung iba kung walang ibang sasagot. kaya mauna ka na ha! heheh ;)

    yun sa dulo yon diba yung pag-curl? kasi mejo "scary" na yung sa dulo, i was watching with only half an eye (as in hindi man lang isang mata, kalahati lang ng isang mata!!!!).

  3. actually, this is a good time to reflect. good thing you tagged me. thanks, mama shelley :)

  4. Anonymous6:57 AM

    thanks carlo! :D sabi na hindi ka aangal eh hehe :)

  5. Anonymous5:35 PM

    michael, thanks so much :) and i looooove what you wrote!