Learning Photography

Andrei and I just signed up for photography lessons under Vic Sison, which will be held inside the Meralco compound. It includes two after-work sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30pm - 9pm, and a photoshoot (!!! exciting !!!) on an early Saturday at CCP.

The organizer of the lessons (one of our officemates) asked us if we would like to join their camera club - a few meetings per month, then they join FPPF monthly photo contests, then they would also have contests within the club. Feeling like I didn't really have much to offer, I told the organizer that I would think about it first -- I might join after the lessons na lang. She then tried to convince me that the club would be an opportunity for me to practice photography. Then Andrei naman said yes agad to the camera club invitation. Hmm. Fine. Sige na nga. Count me in.

Even though I'm a bit apprehensive about the camera club (mejo maiintimidate ako if ever sa mga kasama don -- insecure ang lola nyo eh hehe), I am EXCITED to be able to learn this craft. Scouting for wedding photographers woke up the "amateur photographer" in me. I love my wedding photographer's style! His pictures don't just "paint a thousand words", but they tell a million wonderful stories :)

I want to know if I have the "eye" for the perfect shot. And I do hope that even if I don't have it, I can learn how to have it.


  1. i want to join, pero sira pa ren ang aming digicam.. :( pero may batch 2 naman ata eh.. so baka dun n lang ako..ehhehe.. enjoy your lessons!!

  2. ayan pala buti may second batch eh :) sali rin kayo dun sa camera club!

  3. usapang photo ba? o 'yan binalik ko na sa dati, lam mo naman kung gaano ka kalakas sa 'kin eh. ;)

  4. UY type ko yan photog lessons na yan :D Post mo ung pics mo ha!!!

    And congrats for winning sa basketball!

  5. Anonymous6:06 PM

    @basangpanaginip: thank you po :)

    @cig,coffee=art: ooh meron din sa fort? maybe later on, baby steps muna ako, kaya sa meco lessons muna ako.

    @aggie: excited nako sobra, next week na yon eh!

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