Just To Make Me Feel That I'm Back Online

Products of my internet-less week:

Ready Jump Splash

Ready, Jump, Splash!

Pool Vinyl Paper and Solid Dark Blue Paper from LIttle Fishies by Isabelle Cyr
Dotted Wave Paper from Boardwalk by Sara Carling (recolored by me)
Waves -- based on the Colours tag from Hazy Daisy Days by Shelly Chua. I cut out the top wave and copied and pasted several times to make a long wave, then merged everything together.
Alpha from Soft Sherbet Kit by Heather Roselli
Water splashes from the commas, periods and quotation marks different fonts (sorry, forgot to take note of them =z)


My First Day of School

My First Day of School

Alphabet, chalkboard, chalkboard frame, crayons, pencils, ruler, star sticker, note paper, tacs and paper clip from Back to School Kit by Roberta Dachille
Star doodle from a frame from the Whimsy and Style Kit by Angie Briggs


We have a photoshoot pa at Baywalk tomorrow early morning. My insides are turning to mush from the pressure of taking good pictures =z

Gotta hit the sack. My back hurts and I'm so sleepy na.

More kuwento, hopefully, when I wake up early tomorrow :)

Nighty-night y'all! :)

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