Hello Blog!

It's been more than two weeks since I last blogged with any coherent kuwento, save for the post below, wherein I just wanted to make my presence felt in the online world.

Hirap ng walang internet!!! Ayun lang. Pero kinaya ko for almost two weeks ha. And, kinaya ni Dar. Ehehehe.


Speaking of Dar, he's back on the night shift. Sadness :(

It really makes a difference at night, when he's sleeping beside me. Kaya siguro hirap akong gumising for the past month because it feels so good to sleep with my husband. Isipin nyo, from December to February, twice a week ko lang sya nakakatabi sa pagtulog, swertihan pa kung sasabay sya ng tulog sakin kasi nga ang gabi sakin eh umaga para sa kanya.

When his sched changed last March, and I learned that he got the morning shift, ang saya ko talaga! [Ako nga lang ata yung masaya eh. Eheheheh] 'Di ko lang sya makakatabi na makatulog, pero since pareho na kami ng time zone, makakalabas na kami :)

[Well, we did have more time to go out, pero it was mostly with his officemates. He wanted me to meet them, because I was going out of my mind already due to intense paranoia last February. Ganon nya kamahal officemates nya -- ayaw nyang pag-iisipan ko sila ng masama. Bitter ko ba? :P]

Ayun lang, malungkot lang talaga ako last week because I missed him so much. And I was resisting the urge to text constantly -- I don't want to be the needy person again. Blech.


Good thing I had those photography lessons to keep me busy -- or let's just say pre-occupied with something else.

During the first day, we learned about the technical side of photography. The relationship of ISO, aperture size, focal length and shutter speed. Which really didn't mean anything to me because the only thing I can directly control with my cam is the ISO. Anyways, I got some good pointers, and made me wanna go buy a new and more "manual" camera.

On the second day, it was all about the artistic side of photography. Framing, shapes, forms, colors, mood -- you really have to have an "eye" for a good picture. What I remembered most during this lesson was to always have curves and diagonal lines in your picture to denote movement.

Then last Saturday, we headed out to Manila's Baywalk for our street-photography photoshoot. For 2 hours, Andrei and I walked the streets of Manila (well, di naman buong Maynila, dun lang sa malapit sa CCP), trying to capture "buhay kalye", as this was the theme of the contest of the camera club for the month. [We have to submit our "buhay kalye" pictures in black and white pa, for drama effect. Aheheheh]

Mejo napressure nga ako, because this was the first time I was into "serious" photography, tapos jologs naman camera ko, tapos biglang may contest na kaagad! Hehehe. Oh well, haven't uploaded the pictures I took last Saturday because I want to do some simple Photoshop-ping muna, then I'll convert it to black and white pa. So I guess in the coming weeks, I'll be able to upload them.

I had a great time last Saturday. Taking pictures was only half of it; walking the streets of Manila, from CCP to Taft, with Andrei as my semi-guide [kasi di rin sya ganon ka-sure nung umpisa hehehe], was such an adventure! And a great work-out to boot! :) Nognog nga lang ako, kasi di ako nagsunblock :P


Last year, I received the news about two friends deciding the grass is greener on the other side of the fence on the same day. Double-whammy na naman last week. Again, two friends have made decision to eat the grass on the other side of the fence, and I got the news on the same day.

Wala namang ganyanan!!! Masyado akong naapektuhan eh. :P

Pero, really, made me sad talaga. One of them knows me well, as that person is reading my blog right now [ha! you fool! huli ka! balik sa trabaho! :P], malamang marami na syang nabasa dito na hindi ko naman talaga naikukuwento kanino man. You fool, mami-miss ko ang kasungitan mo sa office :P Hehehe.

The other one naman... well, let's just say, mababawasan na ang maniac sa office. Hahahah. Pero I mean that in a good way ha. Sana makapag-poker pa rin kami sa house nila. Actually yung magandang bahay nila ang mamimiss ko eh :P Weheheheh.


Ayun lang. That was my two weeks away from the online world. Marami pang ibang nangyari na ikinalungkot ko, ikinatuwa ko, ikinasaya ko at ikinaasar ko. Mostly on the negative side talaga. It was the time of the month last week, so my hormones were doing their raging thing, so I just get so pissed off so easily last week. Good thing nga we didn't have internet last week, or else, my blog would've been filled with ranting and hate-filled posts.


Looking forward to the long weekend ahead. I'll be house-sitting my parents' house this Holy Week, as my family are in Hongkong right now (saya nila noh? Oks lang, nabilhan naman na nila akong iPod Nano na 1GB hehehe). I'll take it as an opportunity to cook for Darice and Dar -- without snooty in-laws making pintas my experiments, hehehe.

Toodles, then :)


  1. [pa-inosente]

    I like iPods. iPods are good. They are good for listening. I listen to my iPod all day. It makes me feel good.


    I didn't read your blog at work :|

  2. nag enjoy ako sa picture taking session natin, kaso parang wala akong masubmit for the specific theme. hehe. :)

  3. Anonymous5:47 AM

    @ton2fig - you fool! :P

    @drei - super enjoy talaga. siguro meron ako isa or dalawang pics ahehehe.