First off, gotta answer a tag by Carlo.

Three Jobs I've Had In My Life: programmer, student assistant, mother ;)

Three Films I Can Watch Over and Over Again: Mallrats, Can't Hardly Wait, Real Genius

Three Places I Have Lived: Laguna, QC, Antipolo

Three TV Programs I Love to Watch: CSI, CSI Miami, CSI New York

Three Places I Would Have Visited If I Had The Money: Any three cities in Europe

Three Websites I Visit Daily: pinkisthenewblog, perezhilton and socialitelife -- yes, gossip galore :P

Three Of My Favorite Foods: dinuguan, lengua and KFC hot shots :D

Three Places I Would Rather Be Right Now: the beach, HK with my family (inggit ako sobra!), where my hubby is (para magspy :P whehehee)

Three Bloggers I Am Tagging: free for all :D

If three is not enough, then how about four?


I went out with my high school friends last Saturday night because apparently, someone from the group had an announcement to make. I figured, either she's getting married, she's pregnant or she's suddenly single. Hehehe.

Oh well, turned out she's getting married in July to her boyfriend of 11 years (!!!! second year high school pa lang kami sila na !!!!), hehehhe. What took them so long noh?

Margaritas were abundant that night, and therefore so were our kakulitan and kabastusan. Somebody was late, as she worked overtime, and had dinner with her boss pa. We texted her na baka she was having an affair na with her boss. Then she replied with, marami kaya kami dito. We told her, orgy na pala trip mo ngayon. When she arrived around 11pm, I greeted her with a "Ba't ang lagkit ng buhok mo?" :P Hahahaha. [Side kuwento, somebody asked kung umaabot ba daw "yon" dun (sa buhok) tas sabi ko depende sa posisyon. Hehehe. 'Diba? (We're all adults naman here na diba?)]

One of the memorable questions that night was this: which would you prefer, having D-cup breasts but having no nipples, or having them flat as pancakes but the nipples as big as tips of Mongol erasers?


So here are some of the pictures I took last Saturday for our street photography thingie for the camera club.

Baywalk in Color 20baywalk39Baywalk in Color 21baywalk27

Black and white versions can found in my Baywalk in Mono set. The technicolor versions can be found in the Baywalk in Color set.

The pics are not really that "street" -- they don't really portray "buhay kalye". Pero pili na rin kayo ng puede kong i-submit, ha? :)


Finally, after waiting for ten thousand years (well it felt that long since some of my batchmates received theirs yesterday pa), finally got ahold of my evaluations this afternoon.

No comment. Ahehehe. :P

And had the loooooooooongest feedback session ata in the history of mankind!!! Hahahahaha. :)) Pero andami kong nakuhang pointers, kaya magpapaka-GC (grade conscious) nako :P Wehehehe.

One last concern: Show me the money!!!


We'll be staying in Filinvest starting tomorrow night, so I don't know if I'll have time to blog -- since Darice and I will do some serious bonding this Holy Week :)

Happy long weekend y'all!

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