Stack It Up, Be On My Way

The Labor Day long weekend was spent at Pundaquit, Zambales in Patio Beach Resort.

We were supposed to go to Pagudpod and Vigan that weekend but there were logistical problems that might have us sleeping under the stars, so we didn't push through. Curious about Drei's experience at Zambales, we tried calling up every damn resort in Pundaquit but all of them were fully-booked already. Finally found the resort where Drei and his friends stayed, and thank God they still have room to spare!!! Whew. Ang hirap mag-summer outing.

Pundaquit is not a hip-happening place like Galera -- it's all about nature-tripping, swimming, and getting toasted by the sun! :) We went to the infamous Capones Islands by boat and tried to wait for the sunset (as encouraged by Drei) but we got worried it'd be too dark to go back to the mainland. But I got enough artsy-fartsy pictures, so I'm okay with that. And I got tanned. Yeah baby! :)

The next morning, Lory and I got up early for another round of roasting and toasting by the healthy morning sun. Although there is a long line of resorts near the beach, and there were lots of people and fisher-folk and boats littering the area, one just have to walk a few meters away from our resort to have a secluded area great for just lounging around. And great for swimming too -- no rowdy kids or teens, or leery men.

I'd recommend Pundaquit for a cheap, stress-free, relaxing weekend -- no worries about the food because the people from the resort cooked us dinner and breakfast :) [Mejo taga nga lang sa mga extra mattress, na walang beddings then you have to order extra pillow pa and blanket.]

More pictures from Ton.


Bisyo NightPepe LopezLining Up For The Shot

The Servicio and Calidad women's basketball teams had their much-delayed celebratory dinner last Friday, with guest-of-honor Pepe Lopez. He may not be as popular as Jose Cuervo, but he tastes waaaaaaaaay better than that damn El Hombre.

Okay, you do know I'm talking about tequila right? Hehe.

God, that night was all about bisyo. Food bisyo - KFC. Yosi bisyo - West Ice, Capri, Marlboro Lights (naubusan ng sosi yosi eh). Alkohol bisyo - Pepe Lopez, Vodka Ice and Vodka Cruiser.

Well, I had to go home early so Pepe Lopez just managed to get me all hot inside, but that's it. But I heard that Pepe had more of an effect on Abi. Better read this to find out what he did to her, hehe :)


And another outing last weekend [after bisyo night] to Fontana, for our department's team building exercises.

Had a blast playing dodge ball -- but we played the kalye version which is touchball. Tinamaan ako ng malupit sa likod! Ang sakit! Hahahha :))

After a fulfilling Jollibee lunch and some few minutes of relaxation, some of us went to the water park for an afternoon of swimming. Well, if you could call it swimming because all we did was "ride" the waves of the pseudo-wave pool and go around the "lazy river". Anyways, Darice really enjoyed herself, and that's why sinama ko sya dito sa Fontana :)

Dinner was the best! Liempo, grilled tilapia, itlog na malaat and kamatis -- kabondatan!!!

Then we had another round of team-building exercises, then after that a round of poker which I lost maybe because of the Shakers I've been downing since the evening started and the glass of Vodka Arctic I tried. At least I didn't get senglot and bangenge like some other guy in our team hahahahahahah :))

And when we got home, I slept around 4pm, got up around 10pm to check my mail then fell asleep again. Ang pagod ko hehehe!


And I guess you'd understand now why it took me so loooong to update this little blog of mine.

Aside from these outings and gimiks, I have work, and extra-curricular work too -- I think I may have digged my own grave when I asked to help out for our company outing preparations. Hahahha :))

And I'm preparing my travel photos for two photo contests this month -- one for the monthly Photoworld contest that the camera club will regularly join, and another one by HP, which is more expensive to join, but the prize is more $$cha-ching$$. I have the Bohol honeymoon pictures, Galera pictures, and humabol pa yung Zambales pics. I hope hindi puro boats and seascape yung mga ma-submit ko. =z

Good thing this weekend I'll just be staying at home and no other activities lined up. Unless somebody invites me to go to the beach again or a night of drinking. Kaladkarin ako. Hehe.


  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    hi yosi girl! great pictures! :) inggit ako, hindi pa ako nakakapag summer outing, and it's already raining here in visayas!! kakainis!

  2. Panoorin mo na yung Run Lola Run ko! :P

  3. Anonymous7:04 PM

    thanks tintin! :) naku, dapat basta tumila yung ulan, swimming na agad!

    ton, sige, add ko sa to-do list ko. ahehehe.

  4. Anonymous9:42 PM

    hmmm..haven't met pepe lopez el hombre lang...cheaper ba si pepe? =D will try nga!

  5. Anonymous6:00 AM

    karol, dunno kung merong pepe lopez dito sa pinas. pasalubong ng officemate ko yan from mexico eh :)