The Weekend Update

And so it comes to pass that I cannot update this blog as often as I want to.

Even though I already have an internet connection at the office (yeyness!), I am exercising my discipline powers, that is, just checking my mail every so often, passing by those blogs only once and a while, and using meebo as my IM agent [yes, because for some weird reason, I cannot make the YM work for my PC]. And there's work, of course, to make it so easy to forget you just want to space out in front of the PC, bloghopping and reading those gossip blogs and searching for digiscrapping kits.


This week, I attempted the fruit and yogurt diet-kuno of Tonton. Well, I actually started Tuesday, because we went to the grocery Monday night [but I didn't eat rice the whole day of Monday, pramis!]. I bought yogurt and those fruit cups then those packed salad greens and tuna because I think I may need my protein.

So I brought baon for the next three days: salad, yogurt and the fruit cup. Oh and oatmeal din, pero once lang. And yipee, didn't eat rice at all for three days!!! :D Except for last Friday, for the weekly MMS LO, since we had lunch at Dencio's. Who wouldn't be able to eat rice if you ordered crispy pata, kare-kareng gulay and sisig?!?

Would you consider a diet successful if you've been eating dark chocolate kisses (which comes in purple packages, so cute!!!) and Ruffles and Lay's and chips ahoy and Pringles on the side? Ahehehe.

Oh well, will try to continue this "diet" for another week as the company outing is next weekend. Hehehe. Ang babaw ko, shiyet.


I did some shopping last Friday in Galleria, as the Robinson's Malls are having a 3-day sale, and better take advantage of that while I still have some retro and leave conversion pay.

Here are some of the things I need:

  • office pants

  • office shoes - high-heeled closed-toe ones [I am currently sick of my flats right now, and all of my high-heels are open-toe, which are a big no-no in the office, and although I usually wear them with my long pants (to hell with regulation office wear) they just released a memo last week so konting pakikisama muna hehehe.]

  • a black jacket

  • tons of undies - the labandera comes once a week only and it's rainy season pa, so I better have a stock of clean undies lagi

  • a few blouses

  • a new bag

Here was what I was able to buy:

  • office pants at Ensembles - 299 and 399 each, size L (meron pang XL ha, pero L kasya na sakin, ang saya! hehehe)

  • new pink wedge sandals from Janylin for 895 down from 1395

  • shirts - 2 for 500, mejo not that bargain price pa din, pero it was cute, and one of the shirts I bought was purple naman eh.

I'll be going to Robinson's Metro East later to score a few more bargains and buy those stuff that I really need hehehe. At least I can cross off the office pants from my list diba?


Dar, Darice and I went to Fontana yesterday with my family for my brother's birthday celebration. My little bro loves Fontana so much, that we spend his birthday there every year. [Buti na lang summer noh?]

I wanted to even out my tan, but lo and behold, after lunch, it was raining buckets already. Shiyet.

Around 2pm, the rain stopped, the sky still gloomy, and my two brothers, two cousins, my half-tita [she's my lolo's and step-grandma's kid], a yaya, and of course, Darice and I went to the water park ASAP to take advantage of the break in the rain.

Of course, Darice had her share of fun, especially with my two cousins [her titas!]. But I didn't get my share of the sun, bad trip! Ahehheehehe. Darice and I left the water park after an hour, as she just had coughs and a fever last week. Buti di nag-tantrums.

Since my family was planning to go back to Manila on Monday or Tuesday, Dar, Darice, my sister and I went home din yesterday. Dar has work today (Sunday), and my sister and I have work tomorrow pa.

[Rant mode ng onti: Dar was so masungit the whole day, aaaaargh!!! Tapos he had a sore throat pa, so he sounded so gruff and angry tuloy. Kainis. Kaya pumayag nakong matulog na lang sya habang nasa water park kami para mawala ng onti yung kasungitan nya eh. Hehe.]


And I'm off to the office this Sunday morning.



  1. buti ikaw sa fontana inulan, imagine spending the 4days in puerto gallera without sunshine. hehe we were there nung may 11-15, kung kelan dumating si Caloy sa mindoro... we were forced to extend our initially 3 day stay to 5 days coz ships/boats were not allowed to sail =(

  2. Anonymous8:44 AM

    @leenlang - yikes! =z katakot naman :( pero at least tagal ng bakasyon nyo diba? :)