Blogging With My New Phone!

I'm posting this using my new baby, a Nokia N91!

Unfortch, can't seem to access Blogger because I don't have my cookies
and Javascript enabled daw. Eh. I checked my Web settings nakaset
naman yung dalawang yun.

So punta na lang ako Gmail para makablog thru email.

Anyways, mahal na mahal ko ang bago kong phone! 4 gigabytes, man!!!
I'll try to do a review after a few weeks kapag mejo na-explore ko na
lahat ng features.



Ignore na lang the signature that will appear after this post.

It doesn't get better, does it?
I keep expecting it to, but that old
thing about time is BULLSHIT!
It doesn't heal wounds.
It just makes them rot...
The Visitor
by Christopher Pike

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