Biglang Pagbabago

O diba, biglang kakaiba ang itsura ng blog ko?

Image from here. :) Syempre taken by yours truly sa Baler.


Sunshineandraindrops, will do the tutorial na ha. Intay lang ng onti :)


So excited for tonight's dinner!!!

I'll be meeting up with my old college lab-mates and my ex-adviser-now-ninang-sa-kasal. Exciting! It's been a loooong time since we all met up. I think it was June of last year the last time we had dinner together. And yes, guest of honor again is Ramil. Haha!


Tomorrow naman is a high-school friend's bridal shower at Gloss Nails.

Yahoo! Excited nako magpa-pedicure! Hahahah!

Aaaaand, wala pa akong bridal shower gift. I don't know if I'll give a nightie set (discreetly sexy) or KY Jelly (subtly naughty), hahahahahhaha!


Ayun lang muna for now! Toodles :)

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  1. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Wow. thank goodness. ^_^ I thought nakalimutan mo na :) see my, blog, its dull :) thanks a lot! ^_^