Betty The Ugly

Okay, okay, I admit it. I used to watch the Tagalized version of Betty La Fea on GMA Channel 7. I could always relate to the ugly duckling fairy tale [because I believed I was the "ugliest" of us tres marias -- oops, hanggang ngayon pa rin ata?!? :P] and the adventures of the smart and hardworking Betty la fea (which translates to Betty the ugly) finding her one true love in the world of fashion made it a show I would look forward to watching while I eat my lunch. [Hahha, tanda ko pa, bago mag-Eat Bulaga yon eh!]

[I could write something about my "struggle" to feel "pretty", and to be noticed for my looks, but I think I've made my peace with that. And I think I am more beautiful than my sisters >:D Though I could I admit they are prettier and cuter. And there's a BIG difference with being beautiful and pretty ha, in my honest opinion, haha!]

So, moving back to Betty la fea, I was watching Entertainment Tonight and learned that there was going to be an American version of Betty la fea, which is of course directly translated to Betty The Ugly. It will premiere this fall in the States, meaning this September pa. It stars America Ferrer, the full-figured girl in HBO's Real Woman Have Curves na isa ring movie na can relate ako syempre, as Betty the Ugly. Watch the preview clip here. [Hintayin nyong matapos yung Crest ad ha]

And so meron na naman akong idadagdag sa list of shows to watch ko next season. Kawawa naman ang hard drive namin hehehe. Weird nga lang, because Betty la fea is a telenovela, which is shown everyday, while Betty the Ugly will be shown every week lang.

And, here's a discussion regarding the resolution of Betty la fea's plot. How will Betty the Ugly deal with this kaya?

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