I was reviewing Darice for a test in CLE (Christian Living Education). The topic was, I think, "We are special because of God's love" [insert praise music here].

There was a part there about families, and each family being special.

And so I asked her, "Darice, what makes Papa special?"

"Hmmm... that he always gets mad?"

What the? I called D over and asked Darice the same question and she answered: "He always gets mad?"

I smirked at D, and he faced Darice, "Do I always get mad?"

Darice looked down. "I don't like it when you get mad eh", she said in a quiet voice.

"And I don't like it when you get mad at Mama and then Mama cries."


Breaking the 5 (nano)second silence, I asked Darice, "O sige, eto na lang, what makes Mama special?".

She smiled. "Because you love me?"

D scratched his head and smiled sheepishly. I laughed.

"So, what makes Papa special is he always gets mad. But Mama is special because I love you? Ikaw talaga...!" I said as I playfully hugged Darice.


After the review, I explained to Darice the "complexities" of our arguments. I told her that sometimes her Papa and I don't agree, and that sometimes we really can't help but get mad at each other. Sinabi ko na hindi talaga tama yon. I told her that her Papa and I will try to change that, because we don't want her to be too affected by our arguments.

I told her that she should always tell us these things, so that we'd know, and we can do something about it. Gusto ko kasi lumaki si Darice na hindi siya maglilihim sa akin, o kaya magkikimkim ng sama ng loob sa isang kasalanan na hindi ko naman pala sinasadya.

And so, I thanked her for telling us how she feel. It was definitely a shot through the heart, man, bull's eye!

And I do hope it had an effect on D, too ;)


  1. Anonymous8:24 PM

    kawawa naman si dar :p

  2. hay kayo talaga... :p
    ang mga anak talaga, laging kampi sa ina noh?!

  3. Anonymous8:28 PM

    mama's girl kasi si darice eh :P