And We're Back In The Game!

After a few days of nail-biting suspense, throwing options back and forth, dilly-dallying on the fate of our August outing, we finally decided to push through with our Cebu trip kahit na apat lang kami.

This should be interesting :P

And so, I booked us a room in Kota Beach Resort for our Bantayan Island sojourn. We were set initally to go to Malapascua, but these blog posts from Our Awesome Planet made me change my mind. Showing the pictures to my friends convinced them, too, so we're off for a three-day stay on that island.

After Bantayan Island, we're going to stay two more nights in Cebu city, and I booked us in the quadruple-sharing Deluxe room in NS Royale Pensione. I thought we shouldn't stay in a fairly expensive hotel because our flight home is very early in the morning -- hindi sulit if ever.

Biglang naexcite nako tuloy!!! Last week, parang waaaaaaaaaaaah, ngayon wooohooo! Hehehhe. Since S won't be able to join us, I think I might take charge of the itenerary and schedule for our 5-day stay in Cebu. Besides, apat na lang kami, kelangan maraming activities, or else boredom kami nyan sa Cebu hehehe.

Now, if only I can still pull off my beach look. Haha!


Just "re-launched" my crafty blog :) Will be posting there my artsy-fartsy attempts in the world of scraps -- sewing scraps and digi-scraps ;) Corny ba? :P Wehehehhe.


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Exciting!!! Matagal ko nang gustong pumunta ng Bantayan Island. Hintayin ko ang review mo. Hehehe.

  2. Anonymous3:48 PM

    @toni, ngayon lang talaga nag-sink-in na next week cebu na kami! woohoo!