Simple Pleasures

Got tagged by Carlo!


Instructions: Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like most. Then, pick people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.


Wokey dokey, here goes.

Wearing something purple everyday -- yes, I could join Sweet Valley's Unicorn Club with all the purple stuff I have. If you see me with no purple-colored object in sight, then that means my undies are purple hahahahah :))

Smoking a cig after a hard day's work, or just bumming around, after eating a particularly heavy lunch or dinner, with good friends and stimulating conversation, or alone in a coffeeshop with my thoughts.

Piping hot and bittersweet [although I don't take sugar, I just add cream if needed], drinking coffee at 4am to wake my brain cells, or at 9am for an early morning break, or during lunch after a satisfying meal, or after work to wind down.

Eating my comfort food such as Country Style's Triple Choco Boom, chocolate covered Cream-O with chocolate filling, New York style cheesecake from any bake shop, a pack of pastillas from Bulacan, a pounder-pack of M&M's, Lay's potato chips... and the list goes on :P

Back issues of magazines that sell for 50 - 95 pesos (no thanks to mags when it's 100 pesos and the issue is already a year old) like Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Glamour, Martha Stewart, Good Housekeeping [that's why our room is OVERFLOWING with old mags already hehe]

Having a song for the week -- it can be an old song with a history like Summer of '69, or with a story-with-a-twist like Escape (The Pina Colada Song), or a house music staple you heard on your officemate's car like Ever After, or a summer song suggested by another officemate like Amber, or something really sad like Yellow or The Scientist

No-brainer movies that do not require a college degree to keep you in stitches -- those movies that you catch on a cable after a hard day's work or a night of partying and you just want to mellow down a bit, like Mall Rats, Top Secret, Real Genius, or those teenybopper movies like 10 Things I Hate About You or Can't Hardly Wait, or what about those 80's John Hughes movies like Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink ... and those Disney Channel movies! :)

Good bargain finds at the mall during those 3-day weekend sales, where everything I buy are all half-off (or maybe more!!!) and they have it on my size, woohoo!

Fooling around with Darice especially when we're both makulit and we just make faces then take lots of pictures or we end up in a tickle fight or we just lie down on the bed and watch a few hours of cartoons and laugh and laugh and laugh :D

The sleepy quickie with my husband (sino pa bang iba?!? hahahah!)


I said I'd put pictures pero natamad nako. Hehehe. And hindi puede lagyan ng picture yung huling simple pleasure eh ;)


I tag everybody! [Tamad mag-isip ng mga ita-tag :P]


  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    wow, asteg ung 10th :p naughty gurl!

  2. add to the no-brainer movies anything with Jack Black on the lead. the guy's funny.

    pano yung #10? hehe. joke.

    enjoy the rainy day!

  3. Anonymous5:31 PM

    @sunshine, ;) it's true! :D

    @north, oo nga noh! :) tsk, haven't watched nacho libre yet :(

    @north again, yeah right, di mo lam kung pano yung #10? :P haha!

  4. Anonymous6:24 PM

    hehe. i like the 10th. =D will do this meme if i have time! ang saya eh! have a great time at cebu!!!

  5. Anonymous7:52 AM

    @karol, thanks! :)

    grabe, masyadong papansin ang #10 ha! hahaha :))