"How you doin'?" *wink*

-- Joey, on Friends


Well, I've been pretty busy.

Make that busy.


I've been to two kinds of training these past week. First, there was a datawarehouse boot camp seminar that started last week. I thought it was just one session, so I gamely volunteered to attend (OT allowance din kasi yon weheheheh). Then I found out they'll be having two more sessions for the next week.

Patay. I already had a UNIX training scheduled for that week.

Well, the datawarehouse training sessions were after office hours, and the UNIX training was 3 half-day sessions, and one whole day session at the end of the week. Kaya 'to.

Di ko pala kakayanin! Wednesday afternoon, I had a killer headache so I wasn't able to attend the second datawarehouse session.

Good thing I was able to rest well that night, and after downing a Ponstan 250, I was able to go through the 1-6pm UNIX training, and had enough energy to go through the datawarehouse seminar from 6-9pm. The best thing about these trainings was that they were held at the same training room. Buti na lang, no need to rush from one training location to another.


Oh, and this week, the Natural training 2nd batch was supposed to start. Nope, I won't be taking the training, I'll be the one doing the teaching. Holler! Hahahhaha :))

[Anyways, I'll be sharing teaching duties with one of my MMS-mates and the lesson plan's already drawn up. We just need to make Powerpoint presentations for some of the lessons, but only if we want to that is.]

But the kicker here is it won't start this week because of logistical problems (read: no training rooms available yet).

And so, the problem is this: I'm going to undergo (yet another) training in the coming week for Java (repeat offender ako, tsk tsk tsk).

Well, good thing about this is the Java training is during office hours, while the Natural training will be after work.

Pero man, lagare 'to!


Disclaimer: I am not complaining about the stuff I wrote about above ha.


Okay, I need to get this off my chest:

I have been making boo-boo's left and right since the year started and I feel like I may have not-so-good evaluations for this year.


But I still have 5 months to go, and two planned enhancements and a few more tickets to redeem myself.

I really do hope I can redeem myself, and not make more boo-boos.

Aargh. I hate feeling this way. Aargh. I feel so useless.


Whew. That felt better. I think.


Oh, and did I ever mention that I'm off to Cebu this coming August!?!?

I do hope the Natural training or Java training WILL NOT interfere with this long-planned trip.

And preparations for that trip are also eating up my Internet time - searching for cheap hotels/resorts, getting reviews and feedbacks for these places, and finding places to explore in Cebu.


Soooo excited!!! :D Thank you Cebu Pacific P10 promo! :)


Good night! :D


  1. Anonymous8:41 PM

    how long are you going to stay in cebu? If you will stay for three days or more, do visit malapascua island. It's four hours away from cebu city. It's really a nice beach... way beautiful and peaceful. Btw, if you are the cowboy type and dont mind to share T&B, Mayflower Pensione near the Capitol is the cheapest place to stay. Last year, we only paid 500 for a non-aircon room for three and that comes with free breakfast. Dont forget to try the bbqs at larshan. Basta ul enjoy cebu, naku matutuwa ka na ung taxi drivers nila nagbibigay ng sukli kahit piso lng un. Happy trip in advance. btw, try visiting virtualtourist.com for travel tips. sori haba comment ko. - greenjell-o

  2. hi greenjell-o, super appreciate the tips.

    we're staying for 5 days in cebu. we wanted to go to malapascua before, but we decided on bantayan island na lang, another famous beautiful and peaceful place in cebu :) we're going to stay three days there, then the next days in cebu city proper. we're going to stay in a pensione house too, but not the mayflower :) i think yung mga kasama ko would prefer our own private T&B hehehe.

    thank you for the tips again :) i'll visit virtualtourist.

  3. Anonymous11:17 AM

    wow. am really impressed. sobrang busy talga ha! :)pero ang galing coz you still have the time to blog and digiscrapping and you being a mom and wife!!! asteg! ^_^ galing talga!! ^_^

  4. hindi ka busy noh?

    wow lecturer na siya!! =D

  5. Anonymous7:19 PM

    drei, di naman masyadow :P