A Night with the Girls

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Film strip by Escrappers.com
All others from Girly Girl Kit by Cristina Dudley

After having dinner with DSP, I was off to my high school friend's bridal shower the next day at Gloss Nails in Eastwood. First we had a filling *burp* dinner at Teriyaki Boy, then we headed to Gloss Nails for a pedi, a mani and serious foot spa treatment.

Most of my friends gave her sexy lingerie as bridal shower gifts. But of course, I had to be one "kink" ahead so I gave her a can of whipped cream, a bottle of chocolate syrup and a book entitled "Discover and Enjoy Great Sex". Hahahahha :))

Then we proceeded to their house to watch some porn with a wide-screen projector!!!! Man, kakaibang "laki" pala kapag gumamit ng projector with porn. Parang live show na ito hahahahha :))

Then it was 3am and I was home. Waaaay past my bedtime and Dar-imposed curfew. But Dar didn't really mind, and he just asked me to make breakfast for him [he was going to the office for his 5am shift]. *scratches head* Hanggang ngayon, naninibago pa rin ako dun.

My friend's wedding is on Saturday, and I have to buy a freaking dress pa! I hope I get to find one this week =z

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