On Winning and Shopping

So how did I win?

First, of course, I entered a contest. What contest is this, you ask?

It's a monthly contest by Preview, the Preview Must-Haves. I entered the June edition, which was a shopping spree worth P25,000 from Topshop (just like this month's shopping spree from Wallis).

I already entered several contests before the Topshop shopping spree. I actually got picked already last year, but I wasn't able to claim the prize -- when I was informed, I was in Divisoria so I was hurrying up to finish the call. Good thing I don't know what I won so no panghihinayang there hehe.

The good thing about Preview Must-Haves is you can email as many entries as you want! And that was what I did. For a week or so, I would email 10 entries from my two Gmail accounts. As in karir!!! Hahahaha! It is a shopping spree from Topshop -- I really wanted to win :D

But I think the GCs are not for Topshop lang!!!

Okay, the GCs I got are Robinsons gift certificates. I kinda panicked when I first saw them, but at the back, it said that the GCs are accepted in the following stores:

  • Robinsons Department Store
  • Robinsons Supermarket
  • Handyman Home Center
  • Robinsons Appliances
  • Topshop / Topman
  • Dorothy Perkins / Wallis
  • Toys R Us

Oh my freaking gas diba?!?!??!

I'm going to try out buying something from Topshop later and from the other stores mentioned just to see if they will accept the GCs. If for Topshop lang (I'm thinking they'd accept it for Topman too because they are essentially one store lang) then no prob :D Me and hubby will have new clothes hehe. Pero if the gift certificates will be valid for all the other stores mentioned, then masaya ang buong pamilya! Hahahaha!

One more good thing about the gift certificates are that they are valid up to September 2008! So no hurry talaga to use up everything agad diba? Shopping spree 'till next year woohoo!!!

So what are you ladies waiting for? Sali na! Hahahha :)) Don't worry, I didn't enter the contest this month hehehehe.

Toodles! Happy e-mailing! :)


  1. Anonymous1:26 PM

    this post is one of the many proofs that a sure way to get a woman off the dump is shopping...lalo na kung free. hehe.

  2. haha temporary thrill lang. mayang gabi iyak na naman :P

  3. hehehe you've convinced me!!!

  4. toni, go go go, sali na! :D

  5. galing nga ng summit! hehe. nanalo na rin ako sa kanila dati. :)

    wohooo enjoy shopping!

  6. i will i will i will enjoy shopping :D