The Crime Scene Investigation of the Six Degrees of Ugly Betty on Studio 60 while counting Numb3rs, Part I

Or, the TV shows I'm religously watching this new season.

Let's start with the CSI franchise:



The new season opens up in Cirque de Soleil where a woman who is not part of Cirque is found dead. Sam Braun is again connected to a murder/suicide. Catherine goes to a bar with Nick (where John Mayer is playing!!!) but then unknowingly leaves with somebody else and ends up in a motel, waking up disoriented.

The second episode then explores Catherine's ordeal as she deals with her "rape", a kidnapping, and Sam Braun. A model house is also shown as a miniscule representation of the murder of rock star legend Izzy Delancey.

The third episode is a departure from the usual CSI episodes wherein the dead get up and talk amongst themselves in the morgue.

The next one is the much talked about (well in the gossip blogs) episode wherein Mr. Britney Spears aka Kevin Federline makes a guest appearance.

Pretty interesting right? So I really don't get it why Grey's Anatomy is walloping CSI in the ratings! Yeah, yeah, haven't watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy yet, and I know Grissom is no match to McDreamy, but c'mon, we're talking about the talking dead, murdered rock stars and John Mayer here! I'll choose those over McDreamy hehehe.

P.S. John Mayer sings Waiting on the World To Change while Nick and Catherine dance, and then croons Slow Dancing in a Burning Room while Catherine gets drugged.

CSI: Miami

CSI: Miami

The fourth season ender finds Marisol, Horatio's wife and Delko's sister, murdered by Antonio Riaz who escaped to Brazil. The fifth season then opens with Horatio and Delko in Rio to catch the guy. Ray, Ray Jr. and Yelina resurfaces in this episode and figures in the hunt in a big way.

The second one explores motorcycle gangs, undercover cops and ex-boyfriends.

The third one goes for a different kind of gambling, this time for the deaths of celebrities. Bling-bling also figures in this episode.

And then we have the murders of male models in the fourth episode! Yummy!

CSI:Miami still leads in their timeslot so this CSI spin-off has nothing to worry about. Although this is my least favorite CSI show, I still tune in because of H's drama.



Claire Forlani joins the cast in the third season of CSI: NY as Mac's love interest. The season opener starts with a couple having sex while bungee jumping (pano kaya yon noh? hehe) then discovers a dead body on the Brooklyn Bridge. Oh, another notable cast addition is Emmanuelle Vaugier, who I think will look familiar to Smallville and Charmed fans.

The second episode opens up with three girls dressed up as Holly Golightly (from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's) robbing, of course, a jewelry store (not Tiffany's though hehe).

The third episode was not that memorable, with a girl murdered on an ice throne for a vodka party, and a marathon runner found dead on the race track.

The show bounces back with the fourth episode, with a headless body found hanging from a ceiling fan. And my teenybopper crush Edward Furlong guests on this episode! One of my favorite CSI:NY episode to boot because of the hidden messages in the t-shirts, and incorporating (again) a website in the case.

This spin-off also leads in their timeslot. Interesting cast additions and cool story lines are keeping me tuned in :)


And then we have the geekiest show of the bunch, Numb3rs coming up on part II so stay tuned!


P.S. Biglang naging series na tuloy to because Dar is kicking me off the PC hehe.


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