Knot in my Stomach

I think I'm going to throw up -- in a few minutes, a colleague (naks, feeling adult talaga) and I are going to be the instructors for the Natural training for our "newbies" (in quotation marks because they've been in the company for a few months already).

Gag with me a spoon already, why don't you... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaagggh.

Actually, my colleague will be the one teaching today, and I'm just going to observe. You know, to see what will work with the kiddos, if too much tech was turning them off, or too much kenkoy will make them slack off.

And it will be my turn on Wednesday. Alone. Waaaaaaah!

Why oh why did I agree to do this?

Oh yeah. For the measly overtime pay. Hahahaha!


And since Milenyo decided to visit our country last Thursday, our company anniversary party was postponed to a later date.

Which means I have more time to slack off on that presentation I was making for the party. Haha.

No really, just a few more finishing touches and it will be purrrrrrfect.

I do hope the higher bossings will think so. *crosses fingers*


I wrote those two parts while I was about to leave for the training.

Training was so-so. There was just this one "kid" who was the typical UP grad asking a LOT of questions. I have to watch out for him, hmm. And, I have to make slides, aaaak. So many things to do!!!

And I woke up this very early morning to do perfect the anniversary presentation. So, I'm still with the first slide, and I've been working on that for about an hour or so already, so good luck with me :(

With work and more work going around me, you'd think I'd have no more time for drama? Well, for the past week, I think I may have pushed the drama envelope too far, but it's so hard to get a damn reaction!!! Between thinking of the correct logic for the current program modification to the proper transition of the images and slides in the slideshow, and from making the operational report to the training jitters in the afternoon, I still have the time to think about him, our future, and how I am still pissed off at him.

Galing no? Dami na nga trabaho at tinatrabaho, may time pa mag-inarte?

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