First Day High

Yes, inaamin ko! Nung una ko palang nakita yung trailer, gusto ko ng panoorin!

And finally napanood ko na!

First Day HighNasasabik sa unang araw ng eskuwela
Taas noo with confidence
Let's do the
First Day High!!!


The 5 bidas are all newbie actors (except for Geoff), but the akwardness works because they are university freshies -- weren't we all awkward during our first days/weeks/months in college? :) [Well, kung kayo hindi, ako oo :P]

The seasoned actors naman were a treat to watch, especially Cherry Pie Pecache, Gardo Versoza, Bembol Roco and Michael de Mesa.

And the original "First Day High" characters from the Rexona ad were also in the movie. I heart you, Kat Alano.

Go and watch this movie and expect ka-corny-han and kabaduyan -- which definitely works for this movie. The Pepe Lopez girls were giggling and making hirits the entire time, as in super exag (a borrowed line from one of the characters hehe)!

I don't know kung mababaw lang talaga ako pero natawa and natuwa ako sa movie.

Oo, mababaw lang talaga ako :P


  1. never ka nagreview ng lord of the rings and xmen, but this you have???

    tsk tsk. hehe!

    i wanna watch this kasi sabi funny, pero wala ng chance, and baka mainis lang ako sa limang bida na hindi marunong umarte. hehe. at least sa d'anothers magulong naman umarte sina vhong and toni. :)

  2. drei, don't worry i'll redeem myself. i'm writing a post about scorsese's the departed hehe.

    promise, drei, di ka maiinis sa kanilang lima... as in matatawa ka talaga!!! :D