I Lab You Jai!!!

I was watching Entertainment Tonight, no actually, just listening because I was doing something else then, and heard that Jai Rodriguez, my favorite gay from Queer Eye For The Straight Guy was one of the "celebrities" in a show called Celebrity Duets.

Anyways, the info went through one ear and out the next because I was busy with something else.

Then awhile ago, while browsing Perez Hilton's site, I came across this.


Bading na bading!!! Nakakalaglag ng panty!!!

So made a search in YouTube of course and watched all videos of Jai in Celebrity Duets!

One of my favorites:

And isa pang nakakalaglag-panty (because he sang one of my favorite mushy songs :P) kahit na may sore throat sya.

I heart you Jai!!! Ang guapo mong bading!!!



  1. so can he sing? di ako pwede makinig dito sa office eh. hehe

  2. yup! favorite nga sya ng judges, kaso he got voted off :(

  3. Anonymous11:09 AM

    naku, parehas tayo. i looove jai, too! ang cute2x nya talaga. i didn't know he can sing. sayang, na vote off sya. :(

  4. Anonymous11:19 AM

    super duper cute and he knows how to sing talaga kasi i think he was cast in rent eh :) di ko nga lang alam kung anong production hehe.