Yes, can't think of anything to write about.

I feel like my mind is completely wrung out by now.

Thank God it's already the weekend.

Anybody wants to have margaritas with me tonight? ;)



I know, really senseless post, but I just wanted to *do* something non-work related while I wait for 5:45pm.


  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    ang ganda ng post!!!!

  2. Anonymous11:06 PM

    akala ko ba kung seryoso post ko di mo ko hihiritan? :P hehe.

  3. haha! laughtrip tong blog na to. :D

  4. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Hi Shelley,

    I mentioned you at my blog anniversary post.

    I'd like to thank you personally for sticking around.

  5. gary, nagulat naman ako sa profile pic mo!

    michael, thanks for the shout out, and happy blog anniversary! :)

  6. I admit, I didn't ask for permission! And I apologize for that. But I did give credit where credit is due, right? So puhlease, don't sue me!!! ;-p

    Anyhoo, love your blog. Keep on writing blog-worthy entries! *talk about sucking up*

    Peace out.

    P.S. I'll take a Margarita, please! *swoons*

  7. talamasca, nope, i'm not gonna sue naman! a little heads up lang siguro would have been appreciated because i almost fell off my seat when i saw your blog. mejo pinaghirapan ko kasi yung mga images na yon para sumakto sa isa kong blog eh.

    pero apology accepted and no need to suck up na ;)

  8. Whew! Thanks. I heart you! :-)

    Sheesh. But I still feel bad somehow. *wink wink*

    Oh well, I think regular visits/comments on your blog will lighten the guilt, since I admit, your entries are well-written, and I'm not sucking up there.

    Again, thank you for well, pretty much everything. :-)

    Till next post.