That Dirty, Double-crossin' Rat

The DepartedLike the other Scorsese films I've already watched (Raging Bull, Cape Fear, Casino and Gangs of New York), the newly released The Departed was bloody violent, wallowing in foul words hurled every three minutes (but if Mark Wahlberg's character is on-screen, then make that every three seconds), and utterly depressing -- my most important indicator that a movie was worth every peso.

*whispers* The following paragraphs may be spoiler-ish.

The movie is basically about leading double lives. We first have Billy Costigan, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, with his criminal family history "ruining" his chances to be part of the State police. However, because of his family history, he is asked to go undercover (by Mark Wahlberg's Dignam and Martin Sheen's Queenan) and infiltrate the Irish mob led by Frank Costello, played by Jack Nicholson.

Frank Costello, on the other hand, has Colin Sullivan infiltrate the State Police. While Billy was chewed out by Dignam and Queenan, Sullivan was highly lauded and then promoted to detective.

So goes the rest of the movie, with Billy the good guy trying to be the bad guy, and Colin the bad guy trying to be the good guy, with the lies and deceit and complications they have to go through just to make themselves look like wolves in sheep's clothing, or in Billy's case, a sheep in wolf's clothing.

I highly commend Matt Damon's acting in this movie because I totally hated his character! And it's totally impossible to hate Matt Damon's cuteness right? (Especially after watching Stuck on You hehehe) And although Leo's character was rough-and-tough, I can't help but think of offering him a warm *wink* and cozy *wink* place to stay for the night.

Another actor to watch out for in this movie is Mark Wahlberg! Man, I think if he had more scenes, he could've stolen the show. If you're having a drinking game while watching this movie, better do it while Mark Wahlberg has a scene, then have a shot every time he says a cuss word -- you'll be KOd in no time!

One of the nail-biting scenes I loved was with Billy on the roof top with Queenan -- better not eat spaghetti before, during or after that scene. Another favorite is the moviehouse scene [where Costello whips out a "hotdog" hihihihihi but that wasn't what made the scene nailbiting] and Billy almost finds out who the mole/rat was. Oooh, and the one where Billy discovers the envelopes which proves who the mole/rat really is!!! Aaaah, just thinking about is giving me goose bumps right now. One more scene where you shouldn't blink is another rooftop scene towards the end, when Billy and Colin finally meet. As in, walang kukurap ha!

Yes, I loved the movie, and I'm willing to watch this again on DVD. Just to see Dignam cuss, or Colin be such a rat, and Billy go down the depths of underground hell.


P.S. Long review ain't it? Haha. I just wanted to redeem myself after posting a review of the movie First Day High. Hehe.

P.P.S. I've missed you, blog!


  1. I skipped the review, for I still haven't seen the movie! But I heard it's good and it's critically-acclaimed or something like that.

    Anyhoo, I think you should alert the readers first by placing some spoiler warning thingy.

    Eew! First Day High? Again... eew! Haha. ;-p

    T out.

  2. Anonymous7:31 AM

    while i was making this post, i did put a spoiler but then, that was almost two weeks ago, and i figured, either di na palabas ang the departed this week or marami ng nakapanood, so i removed it na lang before i posted this.

    sige, i'll edit the post to put a spoiler alert :)

  3. Namiss ko rin blog mo :P

  4. Anonymous8:22 AM

    i love it, i love it, i love it. i loooove every bit of the movie. i actually posted something bwt it in my blog. pero, sabi ko lang, panalo. hehe. couldn't find the right words to explain the movie. hehe. basta, i loooove it. ang galing2x nilang lahat. i loved the last scene. yung may rat din na parang sa dinraw ni costello. basssta!!! panalo talaga! i missed your posts, too, btw!

  5. karol, maybe that's why it took me two weeks to write this post... hehehe.

    andami ko pang gusto sanang ikuwento and idescribe eh pero better if people watch it noh? panalo nga talaga :)

  6. I liked the film too! Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio should be up for Oscars for their roles. As to who wins? Ewan ko! They were both so gooooood. Marky Mark (hehe) was awesome too. Loved him. He created a very memorable character, but one who didn't steal the show.

    My husband reco'd that I should watch Infernal Affairs, the movie Scorsese's film was based on. Mas maganda pa raw!

  7. Anonymous3:16 PM

    toni, oo nga sabi nga ng officemate ko based on infernal affairs yung the departed.

    although sabi naman sa review ng pajiba on the departed na mejo nagiba na yung characters, lalo na daw yung kay colin, mas sympathetic daw yung character nya dun sa infernal affairs [kasi naman yung kay matt damon, talagang wala akong simpatya sa kanya, as in winiwish ko na sana mamatay talaga sya hehe]

  8. Anonymous3:16 PM

    ay tonton! nagcomment ka rin pala :P wehehehe.

  9. astig the departed! ehhehe.. yun lang.. thanks po sa gift.. ^_^

  10. abi, astig talaga! :D

  11. asteeg niya! along with 'goodfellas', fave scorsese ko 'to!! alam mo ba de niro declined the role of the head police for his movie good shepherd, where de caprio declined the lead role for departed. and damon played the lead role now sa shepherd. it's a small world after all! hehe.

  12. Anonymous2:41 PM

    Infernal Affairs, the original, is a poetical approach. Less talk, less violence, a lot of feelings... It comes with 2 sequel/prequel already...