The Crime Scene Investigation of the Six Degrees of Ugly Betty on Studio 60 while counting Numb3rs, Part IV

Continuing with the shows I'm watching this new season...

I already reviewed Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and here's another show that is dangerously close to being canceled (daw).

Six Degrees

Six Degrees

Six degrees of separation is the hypothesis that anyone on Earth can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances with no more than five intermediaries. [Quoted verbatim from the Wikipedia article]

This new show explores the connections and the stories behind 6 people living in New York City: Carlos the attorney, Laura the widow, Whitney the successful careerwoman, Damien the ex-thug, Steven the photographer and Mae the nanny.

Carlos (Jay Rodriguez) is a defense attorney who got Mae as a client. He got infatuated, tried looking for her in a bar, but then ends up befriending Damien.

Damien (Dorian Missick) is an ex-thug trying to live the noble job of a chauffeur (his girlfriend doesn't know a thing). A favor for his brother ends up in bloodshed, and he is continually hounded by his guilt. His brother ends up asking for another favor -- look for Mae.

Mae (Erika Christensen) is trying out a new life in New York City. She quit her job at the bar (right before Carlos got there) and got a job as Laura's nanny. She makes mysterious phone calls to her brother, has some guys chasing around after her, and carries a mysterious locked box. Hmm...

Laura (Hope Davis) is recently widowed, with her husband reporter killed in war (I forgot if Iraq or Afghanistan =z), then recently finding out that her husband might've dealt with something illegal before he died. She's trying to recover by getting a new job (that's why she hired Mae as the nanny to look after her kid while she's at work), and making new friends while having her nails done -- she and Whitney bonded over pedicure and became instant best friends. Meeting Whitney's fiance though was a rocky phase in their friendship.

Whitney (Bridget Moynahan) is a successful careerwoman, whose fiance is cheating on her (although she has suspicions, her fiance always has an excuse, and she is somewhat assured). She made a new friend in Laura, although brushes off her friend's advice regarding her cheating fiance. Whitney is also responsible for bringing back Steven's career, when she hunts him down after seeing a postcard of his work.

Steven (Campbell Scott) is a down-and-out photographer, who is back in New York after spending a few months drinking himself to death. He's trying to build a relationship with his son, and at the same time trying to be a photographer again. Although hesitant to try again, after seeing Laura crying on her doorstep as she lets go of husband's belongings, he takes her picture, and is inspired again.

In one way or another, they're all related, and true, it's kinda pilit in some ways but I like it! :D If you've watched Love Actually, the setup is kinda the same, with everybody connected to everybody else haha.

Why am I tuning in? First, I wanna see what's up with the mysterious box of Mae! Second, will Damien fess up to his girl about his past? Will Laura find out what her husband did in the war? How will Whitney deal with the broken engagement? Will Steven finally prove himself? And will Carlos find out who the hell Mae really is?


Up next in the series, and the last one finally, is the hugely successful English version of Betty La Fea -- Ugly Betty! Stay tuned!


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  1. akala ko di mo na itutuloy ang TV entries mo kasi naubos videos mo. hehe. if i were to write (and watch) new shows this season, they would be smith, jerecho, and dexter. ray liotta, skeet ulrich, and the guy who played dave in six feet under. :)

    grabe i'm so behind CSI na, i can't claim to be a fan anymore. di ko man lang alam na kasama na si claire sa NY?? at si amanda peet kasama pala ni chandler bing?? i wanna watch that!! :)

    last, regarding grey's anatomy, okay lang na di mo pinanood. CSI pa rin tayo. as a gist, it's about surgical interns, sleeping with each other, and it all ends with a prom. profound noh? hahaha! don't worry, after only one episode, CSI is back as the top show beating Grey's.

  2. fortunately, kakaburn lang namin ng latest episodes ng shows ko sa dvds before nagloko yung hard drive. whew. haha.