Crash, then Burn

[Read this first]

Our hard drive lives!!! Yey me!

Well, yey to my dear hubby! I don't know what he did, basta it had something to do with Norton GoBack and my files are back! :D

To my dear hubby, I know there's a very little chance you're reading this, but I just want to say thank you, for not giving up on our hard drive, even though you wanted to give up already on the first night. I do trust your technical skills, so much that if you couldn't do anything about it, well then, I don't think anybody can, so I just wanted you to try hard and harder because I knew you were the only one who can fix it. Anong gusto mong reward? ;)

Okay. Lesson learned: back that ass up!!! I have almost 30gig worth of files in our hard drive, and I'm thinking of either burning everything to DVDs or just those worth burning like pics and videos and scrapbooking kits. I could buy a 40gig hard drive rin siguro just for back-up. How much na ba 40gig na hard drive ngayon?

Thank you to all those who gave their advice regarding our hard drive. I'll have him look into those things na rin.


P.S. I have lots of kuwento, but I just want to finish the TV series thing I have going before I dive into my story-telling.

P.P.S. basangpanaginip recently celebrated his first year of blogging. He said that "good content and good design is not enough. Humans conversing matters too" and I couldn't agree more. So again, thanks to those who shared their technical expertise ;) And basangpanaginip, thank you for your one year's worth of posts :)


  1. Good for you. :-)

    I agree with basangpanaginip. And commenting back is also an integral part, you know. :-)

  2. talamasca, natamaan ako dun ah... will find more time to blog hop and leave comments :)