Twelve days without posting anything new.

At least the header was updated, diba?


Because of a certain Philippine senator who had a lot of children out of wedlock, the Family Code of the Philippines was amended so that children born out of wedlock can carry their father's surname (with the consent of both parental units, of course). And so, those couples (married/unmarried) can now have their "illegitimate" children legitimized without having to go through adoption.

This was just right after Darice was born -- therefore, the birth certificate was already drawn up and filled out. Although we could've had her surname legitimized years ago, I think I may have made a condition to my darling Dar eons ago that we needed to get married first before we could have Darice legitimized. (Walang hihirit :P)

And so, a year and 2 months after Dar and I got married, Darice is now legally carrying Dar's surname.

There are a bunch of documents you have to bring to city hall (email me if interested), and the most important requirement is the presence of both parents. They ask you some mundane questions just to make sure you didn't get some random guy/girl outside city hall to stand as the father/mother.

I thought we were going to take a long time doing this in city hall, but everything was finished in an hour. Ang husay, hehe.


I wanted to watch a certain movie last year when I saw a promotional picture of Cillian Murphy as a cross-dresser from Ireland during the 60's and 70's. It made my imaginary list of must-watch movies, come hell or high water.

And so when Drei told me that Breakfast on Pluto was going to be shown in Shangri-la for the Cine Europa film festival, I dragged Dar to the free one-time screening. I felt it would be my only chance to watch the film. [Good thing it was free -- it was easier to drag my hubby hehehe]

It was essentially a tragic story of Kitten McGrady, played by the beautiful blue-eyed Cillian Murphy, an Irish transgender who went to London looking for his mother during the turbulent 60's and 70's. Neil Jordan's treatment of the sad story was whimsical, but without sacrificing the seriousness of Kitten's tale. Cillian Murphy rocked this movie -- he became Kitten and I couldn't see any Scarecrow or his Red Eye character at all, hell I didn't see Cillian Murphy at all.

And one more indicator the movie was good -- I think Dar enjoyed it too :)


In a span of one year, I have had five team leaders turn-over a certain portion of their module responsibility and knowledge to me. This is because they've either went on to greener pastures, or stayed on the same side, yet flew to the other side of the world. (Made sense ba? :P)

The sands have definitely shifted. I just hope I don't hide my head under the sand like an ostrich does when the going gets tough.


Last Halloween, since Darice went to Fontana with my family, I was free to have dinner and drinks with my officemates up to the wee hours of the morning.

And most of the stories that were shared were sad stories of love.

What the f*ck diba? It's like there's something with the alignment of stars this year na parang there were so many break-ups sa circle of friends ko. Add to that the situations and issues I am going through -- it's enough to make me say love stinks haha.


And on that note, I would like to say:

Okay naman kami.

Ako lang hindi.

And that's that.

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