It's the End of the Year As I Know It

According to my horoscope for 2006, "....professionally and financially, 2006 rocks. However, relationship-wise, I might be on the rocks."

Well, the relationship wasn't just on the rocks, man -- gravel and mud and sand and dirt and stones and shit was just flying everywhere.

Yeah, he made me miserable this year.

But! Ngunit! Subalit!!!

I celebrated my birthday with family and good friends. Learned to play basketball and won the freaking championship at that. Learned photography and my first "serious" photos were chosen as runner-up favorites. The Pepe Lopez girls were born. I went to Puerto Galera, Zambales, Baler and Cebu. I won shopping money (which is ubos na hehe). With regards to work, I got promoted and had a raise (yey me!). Then one TL resigned, two were reassigned (yeah, dami kong TL noh?), and then there was just... me left. Hahahaha. Then I was Ms. Disco Queen!

And of course, my darling daughter, who is growing up so fast! She loves her new school, made new friends and I am so proud of her grades (she's having a hard time lang talaga with Filipino and Sibika kasi English spokening tong anak ko eh :P).

My horoscope was right.

This year rocked! :D

Looking back, I guess 2006 for me was about LEARNING.

The hardest lesson to learn was that marriage is NOT a catalyst for change. I know, I know, I should've known better -- I mean I knew that, but there was this small burning fire of hope deep inside my heart, which I just fanned and fanned and grew into a big burning bush of failed expectations. And gawd, why is it such hard work? Well, for me, though, he doesn't look like he's sweating it out.

But hey, there were so many other wonderful things I learned this past year. Everything was a new experience for me: basketball, photography, new friends (and a new tequila favorite), travel, a big school for Darice, more responsibility at work.

And I just opened myself up to the experience, learned from it, and enjoyed it :)


And so, what will be 2007 for me?

[to be continued... as I already have to take a bath, go to the mall, and meet up with my college friends... eek but I have to wrap their gifts muna pala!!!!]


  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Happy New Year Shelley

  2. Hello Shelley,

    Happy New Year! :)

    Im reviving my blogspot :D

    Pattern ko template uli sayo ha :D


  3. michael and aggie, happy new year :D