Disco Queen

So, we had our 70's-inspired company Christmas party last week.

Guess who won Ms. Disco Queen? :P

Disco Queen


I would like to thank Bayo for my top, Dorothy Perkins for my jeans, my platform wedges from Mendrez, my gold necklace from Girlshoppe, big hoop earrings c/o my kris kringle daddy Jap and scarf/headband thingie from 168 mall. :P

Well, aside from the "look", we needed to show the 70's vibe, so there was this lame question-and-answer portion. For the guys, the question was "What is the relevance of bell-bottoms this holiday season?" or something like that. For us girls, it was "Why are you more than a woman?", obviously inspired by the Bee Gees hit More Than A Woman.

And my beauty-pageant answer? :D

"I am more than a woman because of my size. I may be big, but I also have a big heart, and I have more love to give."

Thank you and good night! :D


  1. o ba't smiley face lang? :P

  2. hmmm. i bet close fight pag andun si mia noh? hehe. :D

    cheers to a great 2007!!

  3. yup, kaya buti na lang wala na sya :P hehehe. uy pero hindi, miss ko na sya and her costumes :D

    happy new year drei :-*