Blogging for Money

Yup, I've jumped the shark.

First it was the Google Ads. But I took it out also because, first I have no idea where to put them to generate enough money, and second, well, my blog's not that popular either so who the hell will click on those ads right?

So I took them out Google Ads.

And now, I'm trying out Blogvertise. Thanks to Aggie for the link, galing mong maghanap ng sideline mare ;)

Learn more about this in their FAQ. I just got approved and I don't have blogging tasks yet. I guess the cool thing about this is you can write about the product in ANY way you want -- you don't have to necessarily compliment the product. Oh, and better get a PayPal account first, because that's how they do pay-outs.

I'm really hoping this venture works out. :)


  1. Hey Shelley, goodluck with your new venture :)
    Just a few points though :D
    1. Our PayPal doesnt allow us to receive money (Philippine PayPal). You might need to source somebody outside Pinas (ex, friends or relatives in Singapore or US, basta anybody who can accept money thru PayPal) who can accept payments in your behalf. Im using Glo's PayPal :D

    2. Check out these other sites :)

    Please update your link din for me to this


  2. aggie! :D ay nye ganon? kasi paypal account ni hubby ang ginamit ko. have no idea na ganon pala yung policy nila. hmmm...

    updated na link ko sayo :D

  3. Hello Shelley, they will accept Dar's paypal pero when its paying time na, they will send an email that our paypal doesnt accept money :(

    Baka may kakilala ka na pwede magaccept ng PayPal. Sayang un dear :D