New Header Again...

I think it was December last year when I used the Kubrick template from Blogger-templates. Wow. I was able to stick with that layout for one year. Kewl.

But I think the reason why I was able to stick to that layout is because every two months or so, I'd change the header. Maybe that's why hindi ako nagsawa because I only had to make a new header then voila, new look agad :D And I get to practice my Photoshop skills hahaha.

And so, another Photoshop-rendered header. Thanks to the tutorial from Melissa Clifton -- although, I didn't do the recommended line art anymore because I'm tamad already :P

I hope the purple is not too bright for you guys :)

Next project is figuring out the widget tags for the new Blogger Layouts. Then putting labels on ALL of my blog posts. Good luck noh?


  1. the header's fine. purple's just okay at least in what i'm using. i've been mulling over a psychedellic header for my blog para sumaya naman layout ng blog ko. but i'm too lazy to start. goodluck on the categories.

  2. thanks north! i needed something psychedelic to welcome the new year :D

    now i think i'm too lazy to start with the categories haha.