Mo' Money

Mo' problems?


I guess some of us already got our 13th month pay last pay day. Dar was luckier because he also got his leave conversion. Kaya pala ang guwapo niya nung weekend, marami pala kasi syang pera wehehehehehe.

Where oh where do I we get to spend all of his our hard-earned 13th month pay?

First stop, the great Bulacan warehouse sale.

I first heard about this sale from Anton last August. Anton gave me an invite, but I wasn't able to go because of ... ah, now I remember, that was the weekend that inspired this post so olats, hehe.

Anyhoo, Dar texted me last Saturday asking me if I wanted to go to Bulacan for a warehouse sale -- his officemate wanted to go kasi. *roll eyes* I also asked him last August if he wanted to go to Bulacan for the sale but his response was his usual "Ang layo". Okay, so bridge under the water, ay mali, water under the bridge pala hahahaha. So fine, let's go to Bulacan.

Unfortunately, it was already the last day of the sale so there weren't that many styles and sizes to choose from. Or maybe that was fortunate, because we don't want blowing all our money here right? I was able to buy 6 tops (5 of which were Mango, na sana hindi fake kasi 300 bucks isa so kung fake yun napa-mahal ako :P) and a cool big purple bag. Dar was able to buy ... none :P Hehehe.

Pero babawi ang asawa ko. Hehehe.

From Bulacan, we went to Megamall because he wanted to browse around in Cyberzone. We entered Complink... then came home with this:

Dar's New Baby

Thanks to Citibank Paylite, my husband now has another reason to spend all his waking hours in front of the computer.

How about li'l ol' me then? :(

After a heavy dinner at Italliani's (told you mo' money ang papa ko :P hehe), we chanced upon a stall selling DVD players -- a German brand, which I think is called Glanz Klaar (will edit this as soon as I get home if I got the name wrong). A unit was selling for only P2,400 and it was already a DivX DVD player, meaning it can play videos in avi and mpeg formats (tama ba?).

And so we bought that one too :P

So the whole day Sunday, while my dear husband was playing RF Online, I watched season two of House :D

Now that's what you call living in harmony, hahahaha :D

But as Notorious BIG sang said "The more money we come across, the more problems we see".

And nararamdaman ko na kasi hindi nako makagamit ng PC!!!


  1. wow new gadgets!!

    i'm into season 2 of house na rin! galing ng music na ginamit nila! may damien rice, andun ung theme ng crash, etc etc. basta galing!

  2. new gadgets na hindi ko magamit :P hehehe.

    tapos ko na rin ang house season 2 finally!

  3. Anonymous2:17 PM

    wow!!! hehehe, I wanna go back to PC ;p

    how much did it cost you? pwede bang mas malaking CPU? my bf's so interested. thanks!!!