What the? Tuesday na???

The week is just starting but I feel the end coming near already.

Waaah :((

So much freaking work to do!!! Ako na ang nahuhuli sa enhancement namin sa dami ng mga sumusulpot na data conversion, data modif, system maintenance and pre-investigation questions. Add on top of that the documentation needed for each, which takes longer to do than the ticket itself. :(

And this week is also Darice's exam week so I can't do OT. I have to head for home as soon as the clock hits 5pm. That means I have to be at the office by 8am, which means I really don't have the luxury of blogging before preparing for work, which I'm doing right now, hehehe. Her exams tomorrow are Language and Math -- Language is easy, spokening-dolyares ang anak ko eh, but Math *shudder* has three-digit addition and subtraction. Yikes.

The generic Christmas gifts have been decided (for the boys) and ordered (for the girls). I already have gifts for my sisters, college friends and an ex-officemate (that means you, Y :P). I'm still thinking if I can squeeze in a little time for some digiscrapping this weekend wherein I'll either make calendars (for my close friends) and mini-albums (for my parents and in-laws).

Anybody wants to give me a time-warp machine for Christmas? ;)


  1. ako rin shelley 2 days before i leave! daming work! daming kelangan i wrap na gifts!! =(

    ibang gifts ko sa january na siguro. mas atat nakong umuwi at mag whitewater rafting. hehe. :)

    see ya next year!!

  2. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Merry Christmas Shelley! =)