Where the F do we stay in Bora?

Yes, I'm a Boracay virgin.

And finally, I'll see for myself what the fuss is all about next month.

The prob: where do we stay?

Okay, our requirements: beachfront, a not too crowded beach, near shopping centers (like D'Mall) and nightlife, but not so near that we won't be able to sleep because of the noise, not too expensive (around 8K tops for Dar and I, for a 3D/2N stay, including roundtrip transfers and breakfast) but not so cheap that we don't have airconditioning (yup, sanay kami sa winter wonderland eh :P).

So after asking around and doing some research on the Internet, I've narrowed down my choices to:

Red Coconut
P4370 per person for a 3D/2N package for an aircon room (garden view), daily breakfast and roundtrip Kalibo transfers
Between Station 1 and 2, a few minutes walk to D'Mall. According to an officemate and a Boracay guide, this has the best location.

Boracay Sandcastles Resort
P8700 for two for a 3D/2N package for a deluxe beach front villa including daily breakfast and roundtrip Kalibo transfers.
Also between station 1 and 2, a minute a way from Red Coconut. Of course, good location also. And it is a beach front villa (daw, sabi nung nakausap ko sa phone, pero parang unsure sya eh).

True Home Hotel
Fully booked already, as they only have 9 rooms (the reason why I read so many good reviews about this place), and the only available room is the Presidential suite which costs P7900 per night. This would have been my first choice.

White House Beach Resort
P3950 per room per night for nonbeachside cottage room and includes breakfast.
P1000 per person for roundtrip Kalibo transfers.
Okay this resort is already Station 1 territory but I just wanted to see if we could afford their cheapest room. The cottage room looks great on their site, but the roundtrip Kalibo transfers are a wee bit expensive. Hmmm... maybe because they're situated farther from the port?

Maybe you're thinking that I'm choosing the not-so-cheap hotels/resorts... well, it's our first time, and it will be just the two of us (my husband and I of course) so we didn't want to rough it muna. Maybe when he goes to Bora with his friends or I go with my friends, we'd find cheaper accomodations, but for now, we want to spend a little more and worry less.

To those Boracay non-virgins, any words of advice? =s


  1. Anonymous2:33 PM

    i'll say as long as you go for any that'll provide transfers to and from Kalibo, and not too far from station 1, solve na. less hassle, the better. i think red coconut is a pretty famous choice amongst bora travelers.

    when we went (this was 3yrs ago), we booked at a cheap place for the 1st night, then looked around for a much better place since we've gotten a better feel of the surroundings. :)

    have fun!

  2. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Check out the discussion forum on www.chadshouse.com
    Those guys have tons of info on places to stay. Some of the guys in the website work on the island as diving instructors and can let you know where the good places to stay cheap are. I think the guys from Blue Mango Diving have a place thats cheap too. Around boat station 3 area. 10 min walk to everything. The people on that website will tell you how it is.

  3. basta kelangan mong mag choco peanut banana shake sa jonas. mag itallian food sa attica. mag greek food sa cyma. mag party sa station 2. (kung may dolyares ka, pamasahe ka sa mandala. hehe) pwede na ang massage by the beach. :)

    enjoy shelley!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Hi there!

    The Boracay Sandcastles rocked my socks. :)

    You know you can reserve directly on their website, too.