2007, According to the Stars - Career & Finances

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Your financial integrity is deepened in 2007, and benefits will be easily attained through influential friendships that help you accomplish your dreams. You are socially conscious and work well with high-minded groups with strong humanitarian ideals. You love working with others and do well when you have lots of people around you.3

Uranus is in Pisces in your 2nd house of finances, possessions and values. It makes for an erratic, but interesting phase.1 There may be a trend towards Uranus-ruled areas as the major source of income in your life, such as through new technologies, science, computers, the Internet, or metaphysics.6 It will shake up your financial situation and move you out of any comfortable routine1 -- you will be inclined to take a few more risks with your finances, or unusual ways of making money could be in place during this cycle.63 Even the eccentric or unusual could have appeal to you. Explore every opportunity. It will be unexpected. It will be a surprise.1

The years of 2006-2007 is a trademark harvest time. These are the years of prosperity and plenty both in career and money. You might begin with some ups and downs, but stability will be achieved very steadily. The challenges that you will be facing are personal. There can be sudden ups and downs in the money sphere. You can receive a raise or a new job out of the blue, or if you have money it can suddenly take a dip. Be prudent where you put your money during this time, to mitigate any circumstances. Save and Invest. Aquarians are prone to help their fellow man, and can get caught up in sharing the wealth to help others. This is fine, as long as your mortgage is met and you have saved for the future for yourself first.1

Your career will blossom between December 5 and December 30 when Venus transits Sagittarius in your 10th house, the house of career and professions. You might be tempted to ease up, but don't cave in to the temptation. Use this window of opportunity to enhance and advance your work projects and impress employers and co-workers with your dedication and competence. Your pioneering ideas will come to light and new thoughts will be recognized. You will experience marked career growth and professional success.1

Mercury retrogades from June 15 - July 9. During this time, take extra care when it comes to communicating with co-workers and double-check your work. You might find yourself going over old work you thought was complete. Your strongest financial periods in 2007 occur from February 4 - 13 and February 28 - March 10. You have more energy to increase your income from April 19 - May 2. Review your budget and work hard on moneymaking projects already under way from July 27 - September 8 rather then jumping ahead with altogether-new financial initiatives.6 The luckiest day of the year for you is December 23 when Jupiter and the sun aspect. Your unexpected windfall will have something to do with a raise or promotion, sale of a creative product, presentation to recognition for an innovative idea, or even a new romantic work related alliance.1


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