2007, According to the Stars - Conclusion

I know, I know, you're all bored to death of my 2007, According to the Stars series. But one last post about astrology and being an Aquarius in 2007, ayt? Then I'll tell you all about the drinks I had last Saturday evening and the vomit I expelled Sunday early morning (disgusting, noh?).


Want to have a guide on how to live your love life this year? Then the 2007 Love Horoscopes from CafeAstrology is just the thing for you! (Now that sounded like a spot on home TV shopping :P)

It says that you read for your Sun sign and Ascendant sign. Your Sun sign is your zodiac sign, and to get your Ascendant sign, better know your time of birth and input it here. I'm an Aquarius with my ascendant in Leo, so I'm reading this and this.

The "lovescopes" are based on what house the planet Venus is in based on your sign. Anyhoo, it sounds really complicated, but it is fun reading about these things -- looking forward to something without getting disappointed.


Another helpful guide for the new year is the 2007 Planning Days from AstroProfile. First, see what "color" your zodiac sign is, then find the matching color of the dates on the calendar. The matching colored days are the "bad-hair" days or "blah" days. As for the rest of the days (or the other colored parts of the calendar), enjoy :)

Now I know why there are certain days of the month Dar and I just don't mesh -- we're both Air signs, therefore, we have the same bad-hair days.


And that's it for this year's forecasts! Hope you had as much fun as I did "forecasting" the new year!

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