Hmm... so what to do in Boracay?

I already made a reservation for Red Coconut Beach Hotel, put I'm still open to suggestions y'all! We have up to January 19 to confirm our reservation.


One of my favorite travelogue/food blog Our Awesome Planet lists Top 10 Cool Things To Do in Boracay:

  • a milkshake from Jonas Milkshakes
  • a massage from the beach
  • sunset happy hour
  • paraw sunset cruising
  • try out the coolest restaurants
  • dancing the night away
  • shopping at D'mall
  • trying out the chori burger
  • boating around the island
  • bonding session with friends

Now how can we do all that in just three days and two nights? Ehehehe. Anyways, knowing my hubby, we won't be dancing the night away :P The first and last time we danced as a couple was our dance during the reception! Hahaha. Yeah, sad noh, I love to dance pa naman, tsk.

Anyhoo, in relation to the fifth cool thing of Anton, he lists the Top 5 Bora Restos. I guess we already know where we'll be eating lunch and dinner :)


While I was doing "heavy" research on Boracay resorts, I was led to this Boracay Island Travel Page by sirenna. She's the Boracay expert at TripAdvisor, well, because she lives in Boracay!

She has tons of tips on anything and everything there is to know about Boracay! First, the things to do in Boracay, listing paraw sailing and massages (like Anton), but tons of other stuff that I didn't know was in Boracay (well, the only thing I know about Bora is D'mall hehehe).

Then of course she also has the restaurants -- I really wish I could visit them all! :) And of course the things to do at night! Good luck talaga na mapuntahan lahat nyan! [Drei, she mentions the Red Pirates, is this the same place you were telling me about? :)]


Any more tips? :)


  1. yah red pirates un!! our semi secret artsy fartsy cheap beer place. hehe. :)

    text me if you need a dancing partner. hahaha!

  2. ayan, we'll check it out ;)

    shucks, kakayanin pa kaya ng katawan ko yung cebu dancing natin noon? :P hehehehe.

  3. kayang kaya yan! we're trained to do numbers and party. haha!

  4. Wow great, i liked your listing. Is there a good atmosphere there, mostly at nightlife.

    Tanya Gemarin