Kelan Kaya Darating 'To Sa 'Pinas?


Yup, that's the new iPhone!

I was just browsing GeekSugar and came along this post which said that Steve Jobs finally announced the much awaited iPhone during the MacWorld Conference and Expo (I think just a few hours ago).

As to when it will hit the sunny shores of the Philippines, according to Engadget (more more more drool worthy pics here!!!), it will be in 2008. Yikes. Matagal pa.

And of course, the iPhone is up at the Apple website.


  1. Agree ako sa mga sabi ng critics about it. Na mas mahirap mag-text dito ng hindi nakatingin, dahil walang keypad! :P

  2. ton, oo nga, mukhang mahirap nga gamitin as an SMS-sending device. hehe.

    talamasca, according to news, $499 yung 4GB then $599 yung 8GB.