Obvious Ba Na Busy Ako?

Antagal bago ako nakapag-update no?

Well, I was busy, and add to that, our wonky Internet connection at home.


It's basketball season once again and guess who is part of the women's basketball team? :P

Although our team won our first two games, thanks to L's vwakawness (aminado sya ha!) and the other's defense moves (kasama ako dito! Meron akong block sa statistics ko wehehehehhe), I'm missing my old team (y'know, the one who won the championship last year).

And not just because of the people or our chemistry, but because I get to play less last year!!! Hahahha. This time around, I was in the court for more than 6 minutes!!! Hello, good luck lungs and legs diba??? Hehehehe.

Nope, 'di pa rin ako pumapayat :P


The enhancement is going along fine, thank you very much, and I just have to make a few tweaks here and there and we're done.

I am so done with the enhancement.


After much speculation, the salary adjustment was officially announced last week. Yey for the newbies and entry level applicants! Not so yey for us, because we won't be getting an increase as big as theirs, but well, an increase is an increase.

Finally I'll be able to order a Venti coffee instead of a Tall one :P Hehehhee.


I do not want to ever be the bearer of bad news.

The shock of the receiver is too much to bear.


Him: Huwag mo na akong pagsabihan, hindi na'ko bata!
Me: Eh you're acting like one eh!
Him: Oo, alam ko yon!

Ano daw?!?


And, the Boracay trip is off.


  1. Anonymous5:26 PM

    huwat. sayang, i was looking forward sa pics. btw, what camera do you use?

  2. huwaaat? di ko alam yun ah :( sama ka na lang sa amin sa bohol!!! mag lasing tayo dun.. ehehhehe..

    miss ko na Servicio =(

  3. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Tagal na since I had a yosi with you and funny, it was about "Boracay" too. Sorry to hear about your trip getting cancelled, mag Pagudpud ka na lang kaya, kabsat?=p

  4. ganon talaga, merong mga plano na hindi natutuloy :P hehehe

    anonymous, sino kaw??? kelan tayo last nagyosi? bakit may quotation marks yung boracay???