Sick at 27

Yeah, just turned 27 and I am sick.

We have our theories that it could be food poisoning as I have the symptoms (diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramps) and a friend of ours also have almost the same symptoms (vomiting, nausea), and we both ate at this fast food joint before we went home.

So spent the whole Tuesday in bed fighting the urge to poo and vomit while I slept the entire day. Then Wednesday, Dar even ordered pizza for me to eat, and I couldn't even finish a slice!!! So again, slept the entire day, as I was feeling dizzy with my headaches.

Darice was so sweet -- she made me a card that said, "To Mama: Happy Birthday! Get Well Soon, From Doctor Darice". Awwwwwww. And to think she also got sick last Monday and Tuesday. She didn't make any demands at all the past two days I got sick, and she would just snuggle up with me in bed when she's sleepy or tired or wants to watch TV.

Thank you to all who sent emails and text messages. Ngayon lang ako naging lucid enough to get up and walk around the room and eat a whole slice of pizza. I'll rest some more so that sana I can go to work na later -- andami kong naiwan na trabaho, tsk, sorry!

Off to dreamland again... toodles!

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