I came across PopSugar because I am, unabashedly, addicted to my gossip blogs. Popsugar is more Trent than Perez, so don't expect Photoshopped pictures showing a white trail of dots coming out of L.Lo's nose.

And then DearSugar followed, wherein readers of the site can send in their problems and DearSugar gives her advice. Of course, expect a lot of questions about sex, guys, beauty, and yes, there are the mundane ones.

I guess with all the questions about beauty and fashion, they just have to make another site. FabSugar launched in July 2006, the sister site which was all about being kikay. Accessories! Shoes! Bags! T-shirts, jeans and dresses! The newest trends! Yes, one can die of fashion overload with this site, haha.

And then to bring the community of girls together, TeamSugar came along. It's like Friendster or Myspace where you can add friends, make blog posts, do polls, upload photos and get involved with groups. They have so many other stuff that I haven't tried out, so go there to find out for yourself hehe.

If that wasn't enough sugar for you, there's more. FitSugar launched in November 2006 for those who are trying (or who already are) fit and healthy. There are articles on exercise, diets and of course, healthy snacks. Yeah, you won't see me visiting this site that often haha.

To keep things from getting too serious, GiggleSugar laughed her way into the group on the same month of November 2006. It's a portal of humorous videos, pics, amusing news, and of course, David Hasselhoff. I go here for a quick laugh trip :)

December 2006, three Sugars were added to the extremely sweet group. First, we have BuzzSugar, which is all about entertainment -- must-see movies, cool music, favorite TV shows and books to read. If PopSugar is all about the celebrity dirt, then BuzzSugar is all about the work they're supposed to be doing.

GeekSugar came out of the geek pack that same month to give the girls a little dose of tech. Proving that Geek is Chic (or sometimes Totally Geeky), GeekSugar provides How To's, kinda-helpful downloads for the day, the newest sites to waste your time on with the website of the day, and of course all those wonderful techie geek gear for us girls.

And I'm hoping this is the last Sugar in a very long time -- they launched YumSugar, the site for the foodtripper in every girl. The site has recipes from desserts to cocktails, from Sunday dinner to Monday's leftovers. If I had my own kitchen, I'd spend more time on this site :)


Okay, after my lengthy review of those sites above, you're thinking, "binayaran ba'to?".

Heheheh. Nah.

Wala lang, ang saya kasi. :D

On FabSugar, they have this Look of the Day feature, wherein they get posts submitted to the Overseas Fashionistas Look Book Group in TeamSugar. I am dying to post in this group but well, yeah, like I have the luxury of time diba???

On GiggleSugar, you can submit your own humorous video or pic or joke or whatever, or they call it "submit your own giggle", and if Giggle likes it, she'll post it. Well, guess who submitted her two favorite Chinese boys lip sync-ing to A Public Affair? :P

Another favorite of mine is BuzzSugar's Buzzworthy challenge for the week. The first challenge I joined was to find competition movies -- I couldn't resist! So I bookmarked all my favorite competition movies (ahm, here's how to bookmark stuff for the Sugar network) and yey, my picks got mentioned in BuzzSugar's post! :D Another challenge was our favorite girls with guitars. All I could think of was Jewel, so I bookmarked her, and yey, my pick got featured again :D (I think because not so many participated in this challenge haha, and please pardon the barok english I used to describe Jewel :P) The next challenge is our favorite bad 80's movies -- mejo mahirap kasi the 80's movies I'm thinking of are not bad at all, but maybe they're so bad they're good already? Yeah. Labo :P

So mejo na-addict nako dyan sa bookmarking thingie ng TeamSugar, so I've been bookmarking stuff na wala naman talagang katuturan hahaha. Anyways, check out my bookmarks here... some of them are oooh-i-wish-i-have-these stuff so if wala pa kayo gift for my birthday, pili na kayo don :P


Kabababawan, I know!!! Hahahahahah :D Pero sometimes, when I feel like I'm losing my grip (on my sanity, on reality, whatever), I escape to this sweet sweet sweet world of the Sugars and make believe that all that matters in this world are what L.Lo's doing in rehab, flexi flats are the latest trend, who won the SAG awards, that monks sell their bread through the internet, getting the buff body of Jessica Biel, knowing the latest weird USB gadget, laughing at Matthew Perry's sarcastic class, what to do when he goes to 5th base and checking out who's making comments on my profile. Yeah... I have my priorities :P


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