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One last game next week! And guess what? We've won all of our games woohoo! :D

Share ko lang some of the pics from our first two games :)

Here we they are in action against Bilbao:

Sevilla and Bilbao in Action

Exciting ba??? Hahahahha.

After our first gameThat was our first game, and yun nga, apat lang kami -- Team Cap Nina, Most Vwakaw Playah Lowy, Exponentially Increasing Talent Aivs and Naghihingalong Shelley :P I played more than five minutes!!! No, make that, I lasted more than five minutes hahahaha! :D

For our second game, we were up against Abi's team.

Pray muna before the gamePagod na pero kalokohan muna :PPagod na Sevilla ...Sevilla Standing Strong After La Coruna Game

Grabe, can I say napagod ako??? Solid na solid si Abi! And I have to make bantay a runner -- shet, nalaglag baga ko ata!


Here's Abi with us Sevilla girls. Or Aivee with the former Servicio girls. Hehehe.

The third game was... lemme put it this way... when Lory would ask me if I wanted to play again, I said "No freaking way!". Hahah. Exag. Pero yeah, I went in for the first few minutes (yeah, I'm one of the starting players o diba? :P) then never went back after seeing the elbows and arms and fouls flying sa court. I know the game is physical in nature but whoah. Yun lang.

Our fourth game was on my birthday, and yun nga, I was sick. The star player of the other team was, unfortunately, the one who got sick with me. Hehe. Parang conspiracy daw nga kasi ang kasama nya nung na-food poison sya eh from our team, and naging sacrificial lamb lang daw ako para di halatang sabotage. Hahahahha. And yeah, we won again woohoo!

So next week, our last game for the elims. If we win, sweep na, and we don't need to play during the semis! Why are we gunning for sweep, you ask? I really have no idea anymore, wehehehe.


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  1. waaaah!!! miss ko na servicio bigla!!!

    kitakits sa tuesday.. sa sidelines lang ako malamang.. ehehehhe