The Basketball Diaries, Part II

And so it came to pass that we lost our last eliminations game last week. Boo-freaking-hoo.

Not! Hahahaha. Okay lang naman matalo kasi nga kami pa rin ang leading kahit na natalo kami.

Man, that was some INTENSE game! Can you freaking believe the game went into DOUBLE OVERTIME??? And, and, and, and, and... I played more than 6 minutes!!! -- because I already played a few minutes during the 1st half, then a few more minutes during the 2nd half, and then during the entire overtime period (which was three minutes each)!!!

My lungs and legs almost gave up.

Well, my right leg gave up because I cramped up after the game. Tsk tsk tsk. I was limping for two days! Finally, the "tight" feeling on my leg disappeared by the time we practiced last Monday for our semis game.

And, guess who scored 8 points during our semis game?!?!?


Hihihihihihi. Un-freaking-believable talaga! Everybody was cheering for me, kahit na sina Abi na kalaban namin hahahahha. For MVP daw ako hahahahahha. Un-be-lie-va-ble.

But that miracle happened only during the first half, because by the time second half rolled in, wala ng pumasok :P Boohoo, that meant my shooting average went down (naks, conscious daw ako sa stats).

For this game, I played more than 10 minutes because I played during the entire first half, then siguro last few minutes of the second half. Grabe na ito, athletic na talaga ako :P

And so, we're off to the finals! Weeee!

Shet, pressure ito, kasi nagpakitang gilas na ako hahahahhaha.


P.S. Maybe I should note that Abi didn't play during the semis game because of a sprain. And her other team mate (who I guarded during our elims game) was also unable to play. Swirti!

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