I know, very very very late post. This was supposed to be posted the day after VDay. Wala akong kwentang blogger.

As usual, our department had to have a Vday gimik. We had to decorate our tables, and each "row" of tables were going to compete for the "best decorated" row. Yeah, yeah, wala kaming magawa sa office :P

I knew I might just faint with all the hearts and flowers and red objects I might just see on that day that I decided to have a little fun with our row's decors.

I was browsing TeamSugar when I noticed some of the users' avatars were candy hearts with personalized messages. Egads, I gotsa find that! Well all it took was a Google search for "candy hearts" to find the candy heart maker :)

So I made a bunch with really bitter and nasty messages.


I then cut them up, then cut up a few more red shiny hearts, and pasted them all over a black surface. Then I brought some of Darice's stuffed bears. This is how our table decor looked like:


Diba it would look so Valentine-y from afar? Hehehehe. Then when they get closer, they'd see those nasty messages hahahahhaha. Sayang, I wasn't able to take a picture of our row with all our bears with their heart-y backgrounds on top of our CPUs/monitors.

Anyways, yeah, our row won ;)

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  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Hahaha I knew it! I was just going to ask if you won. You deserve it! Kakaibang Valentine's celebration ito.